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Happy Second Birthday 11:FS!

Dhanum Nursigadoo

We’ve finally turned 2! Just two short years ago a small group of plucky young(ish) fintech experts set up our challenger consultancy. They also kicked off a podcast that has become probably the best fintech insight platform out there thanks in no small part to the amazing (and wholly unbiased in this case) media team.

11:FS revolutionised the fintech news space using pithy podcasts matched with intelligent insights. But we’ve also been hard at work transforming the way you can track digital development. We know you love our lighthearted but informative take on fintech, words that perfectly describe our team. Whether it’s dreams of an 11:FS based on a sunny island or a grounded take on why we're succeeding, the 11:FS team always delivers. I asked a few members of the team some generic and not so generic questions. It’s our #b11rthday! Keep up with what we’re doing to celebrate here by clicking here and don’t forget to use the hashtag #b11rthday when you get in touch!

🎂 🍰 #b11rthday caaaaaaakkkke!

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Growing Smart

Jumping right in, I speak to Human Resources wizard and the person who gave me my job, Sophie Theen!
Most companies are focused on hyper growth...we've found a good balance between rapid growth and sustainability. - Sophie Theen, HR & Talent
What drew you to 11:FS over older companies? I like to think that everyone's got the freedom to choose who they want to work with, and why they want to work with them. Part of my job is to sell the dream of the company I work for to potential candidates. I think 11:FS has the platform for a lot of people to thrive in and achieve goals together successfully, but it comes down to how much you want it. I think for me, I knew I could have a real impact here. How has 11:FS changed since you joined? I think the company is starting to mature, although this is pretty rare to hear in the start-up world. Most companies are focused on hyper growth which typically means increasing staff headcount headcount headcount. But here at 11:FS, we've found a good balance between rapid growth and sustainability, it's rare but it's doable. I think we have a chance to change the perception of how harsh the start-up environment can be and I think 11:FS can lead the way. If you want to speak to Sophie about joining the team (and you definitely do), check out our careers page

11:FS Takes the World

16.5004° S, 151.7415° W (Bora Bora) - Bianca Sarafian
Apart from having fantastic ideas about where we should open a new satellite branch for 11:FS, Bianca is also our new Digital Marketing Executive. I spoke to her to find out what brought her to us and what she wants to happen here. What drew you to 11:FS over big players? I needed to be somewhere with like-minded individuals in order for us all to mutually achieve world domination. 11:FS was, therefore, the only option. How has 11:FS changed since you joined? It feels like there are a billion new people but everyone has their place. I joined just over a month ago, for context. Where do you want 11:FS to be this time next year? 16.5004° S, 151.7415° W What's your personal goal for 11:FS? I'd like our logo to be used in Catchphrase for the phrase 'FinTech'. What's the last thing you Instagrammed? Me, at a bottomless brunch, dressed as the Queen of Hearts screeching the lyrics to 'Breaking Free' from Disney's High School Musical (unfortunately I couldn't convince her to give up the picture). Bianca and I have set-up a fantastic newsletter you can sign-up to here!

Cultivating Something New

Ross Gallagher (Guh) is our industry famous host on Fintech Insider and Principal Consultant, with an almost unhealthy obsession for tupperware. I spoke to him to find out what brings someone to 11:FS over from the juggernauts, where he wants to see the company go in the next year and just why he's so obsessed with plastic food containers.
Big guys simply aren’t agile enough to even keep pace, forget about actually driving the agenda - Ross Guh
What drew you to 11:FS over big players? Culture. Plain and simple. Fintech is a fast-moving space, and the big guys simply aren’t agile enough to even keep pace, forget about actually driving the agenda. How has 11:FS changed since you joined? Same awesome company, just with more super-talented individuals working hard to get ever greater things done. Where do you want 11:FS to be by the time it turns 3? The most important thing is that we maintain our core identity, and that we continue to drive the agenda around digital banking - who knows, maybe by then digital banking will be 2% finished! What is your personal goal for 11:FS? It’s pretty special to work for a company that is fully aligned with your personal ambitions, visions, etc. I believe 11:FS will transform digital banking, and I will be a part of that. What is your favourite piece of tupperware? This doesn’t sound like a generic question! My passion for tupperware took me by surprise as much as it did everyone else. I guess passion underpins everything we do, so it probably makes sense. I also couldn’t choose just one piece.

Penguins Not Welcome

It is a pretty big step for someone over 50 years old with 4 kids to walk away from a global enterprise business like I did to effectively join a startup - Sam Maule
Sam Maule is our Managing Partner in the USA, so I flew to Florida to talk to him (I wish, it was via the Internet) about why he left a global company to join a company as fresh as 11:FS. What drew you to 11:FS over global players? The talent, the people we have. It is a pretty big step for someone over 50 years old with 4 kids to walk away from a global enterprise business like I did to effectively join a startup. It was 100% about the people at 11:FS, their vision for what this can and has become, and the focus on both quality work and quality teams. How has 11:FS changed since you joined? It's grown like crazy. I remember talking to David M. Brear when he was tossing the idea for the company around, then meeting with the small team at L39, then seeing the larger team in Copenhagen at Money2020. The growth has been phenomenal over such a short period of time. Where do you want 11:FS to be by the time it turns 3? Doing business on every continent. And we will probably achieve that well before year 3 at the rate we are going. Okay, maybe not Antartica. What's your personal goal for 11:FS? To remain true to our core values, our core beliefs, and our sense of humor. What's the best thing about working for a UK based company in the US? The hours. I knock off at noon my time everyday, just joking. Coming to London and seeing everyone.

Fingers on the Pulse

We aren’t just creating great content and working on secret projects. We’re also hard at work developing and improving our Pulse product. 11:FS Pulse 2 is our exciting overhaul to Pulse that allows you to view the end-to-end client journey of other products. Set to launch at the end of the month, Pulse 2 is just one of the ways 11:FS have been transforming the fintech space into a more accessible market.
When we're starting to build a new banking proposition we always dive into Pulse. It's the best place to get a feel for the best (and worst) of what the industry is doing - Benedict Shegog, Marketing Analyst
To find out more or to ask for a demo, visit 11fspulse.com. At 11:FS we believe digital banking is only 1% finished. That holds true today and like Ross says, we’re on track to complete the other 99%.

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