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Why I joined 11:FS

Sam Maule

One of the first questions you’re almost always asked when you change jobs is “Why are you leaving?”, especially when you walk away from a comfortable role like I just have. The second is “So what will you be doing now?”. Or, as my good friend Matteo Rizzi put it when he found out I was joining 11:FS “Great, now you can explain to me WTF they actually do.”

I’m going to focus on the second question for this post as it has been the most predominate one I’ve been asked over the past week. “Man, I’m so excited for you.”, “What an awesome team.”, “Global dominance is coming!”; comments like this flooded my social media channels but were almost always followed up with “So what does 11:FS actually do?”. Many that are aware and follow 11:FS have most likely listened to or heard of the high quality podcasts produced by our media team. FinTech Insider has quickly grown over the past year to become one of the highest listened to podcasts focused on the fintech space. Its success has spawned several niche podcasts such as Blockchain Insider and InsurTech Insider. And yes, I’ll be part of these shows going forward. What I’ve come to learn over time is 11:FS is so much more than just a media company. David M. Brear, one of the company co-founders and CEO, likes to describe 11:FS as ‘’the fintech Avengers”. A pretty good analogy if I do say so myself. David would be Nick Fury in this scenario; the individual who brought the team of highly talented individuals together. Jason Bates would be the Incredible Hulk; mild mannered and brilliant scientist who has incredible powers when he gets wound up. Simon Taylor would be Tony Stark (aka Iron Man); the genius who uses new technology to change the world.
David M. Brear, one of the company co-founders and CEO, likes to describe 11:FS as ‘’the fintech Avengers”.
And me? I think the closest Avenger would be Agent Phil Coulson (thought I was going to go with Captain America, didn't you?). Agent Coulson is a mere mortal, no superpowers to speak of, no augmented costume to give him incredible strength or the ability to fly. He has to rely on his ability to network, to convince others to work together as a team, to focus their attention on common goals, to focus on the task at hand. Great illustration you might say. But you still haven't answered the original question. Aside from podcasts, wtf does 11:FS do? Quite a bit it turns out.
Aside from podcasts, wtf does 11:FS do? Quite a bit it turns out.

Market research

11:FS has created the best in class market research tool I’ve seen. 11:FS Pulse is essentially the Yelp and Tripadvisor for the fintech space. Forget static and outdated PDFs and PowerPoint presentations. 11:FS Pulse gives banks and tech companies the ability to view actual customer journeys with real time app video journeys. To put this simply, you see exactly what the user sees, in the same response time they experience in app. 11:FS Pulse is a great starter kit for an introduction to the capabilities 11:FS brings to a client. I’ve had the chance to take a deep dive into our more detailed market research and I’ve been blown away. You will too.

Digital Enablement

Yeah, right. I know what you are thinking. Yet one more consultancy firm claiming they can do everything when it comes to digital transformation. That’s just the thing, 11:FS isn’t claiming that, just most of that. We can help your organization realize its unique potential specific to digital enablement whether that be internal (by the way - if you don’t start here then don’t bother starting at all), or external via engagement with your customers. This isn’t just theory for our team. We’ve all been in the trenches at banks, consultancy firms, and Fortune 500 organizations.

Here’s a simple illustration - 11:FS is your harbor pilot.

Let me explain. I spent a decade in the U.S. Navy serving on board nuclear submarines. The Captain of a boat is God. No questioning his or her authority. Whatever they say is law. The ship is their 100% responsibility and their kingdom. Except when they come into a port. As any ship approaches a port, a small vessels from the harbor meets them a few nautical miles away and the harbor pilot boards the vessel. The Captain of the ship relinquishes control of his command to the harbor pilot. As does the entire crew until the vessel is safely docked alongside the pier. Why? Because the harbor pilot, through years of experience, knows every nook and cranny of the port’s channels. They know the location of every hidden sandbar, the unique cross currents that spring up throughout a given time of year, basically every danger and opportunity facing the vessel navigating their way to safety. The Captain and crew willingly listens to the harbor pilot because they trust in their vast, proven experience in navigating the unknown and ever changing channels ahead.
"The team leans into their own experiences navigating the challenges of implementing real change in financial services to help guide our clients to real transformation."
That’s exactly what services 11:FS provides. The team leans into their own experiences navigating the challenges of implementing real change in financial services to help guide our clients to real transformation. We didn’t build the ship (although we can and in some cases are) or staff the crew. Instead we work with and guide them to real digital transformation. Not through PowerPoint slides or 100 page pdfs. Instead, through real time, real fast, and real life applications. That’s why I joined 11:FS. As one friend put it, I’ve joined a team of un-consultants to reimagine what consulting can and should be. And I’m thrilled. For more information, drop Sam a line at sam@11fs.com, follow him on Twitter, or explore 11fs.com further for more information on what we do.

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 Sam Maule
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