We at 11:FS and Fintech Insider have launched Fintech Insider News – a dedicated news and commentary platform for our people to come together and discuss what’s new and interesting in the financial services industry.

Fintech Insider News contributors can submit the latest stories, news, blogs, and thought pieces and offer their own insight on them, making this community the epicentre for vibrant fintech discussion – think Reddit but geekier!

The site is now live and sign ups are open!

Never miss a story again

Everyday we at 11:FS and the members of Fintech Insider News share the latest news, trends and stories from the industry and together we’re curating the best repository of fintech, tech, banking and financial services news out there. Look no further for all the industry news you’ll need from around the world and every news outlet.

Sign up to join the discussion

Don’t just browse, come and join the conversation. Sign up to become a member and you can add your thoughts to all the latest news of the day, regardless of your expertise, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a bank CEO or a college graduate, everyone’s input is welcome and encouraged!

1. Post stories to the dashboard

Share the latest news and topical stories from the world of FinTech, banking or financial services.


2. Comment on the existing stories

Engage with fellow your commentators on the news of the day from across the industry and join the discussion.

3. Up vote the stories that you like best

Whether it’s a quirky headline or a great editorial, just click the arrow next to the headline to show your appreciation.

Shape the Fintech Insider News show

If you’re a regular listener to our Fintech Insider podcast, you’ll know we do a news show every week where with some special guests we discuss the biggest stories of the last 7 days. Going forward, we will start to use most the popular stories from this platform to shape the discussion on the News show. If it’s your submission we will give you a shoutout so don’t forget to tune in every Monday!

A democratic community

We realised there was a gap in the market for open discussion about the latest news and stories in the industry – Twitter doesn’t allow you to have good conversations, Linkedin is about who you’re connected to and then being lucky enough to spot a particular story on your news feed.  We wanted to bring together the brightest minds globally in an open and inclusive community to discuss the major topics of the day.

Fintech Insider News contributors can post their favourite stories, news and trends, and discuss them with their peers via comment threads and upvotes, much like reddit. It is a democratic community: posts and stories will be ordered according to upvotes and comments from your fellow community members – we want to encourage discussion from everyone, regardless of your fintech experience.

“Please leave your egos and your klout scores at the door”

Disclaimer: The site is still in beta so it’s not looking perfect just yet, please bear that in mind as you browse and let us know your thoughts on how we can improve by submitting your feedback.

Finally, and most importantly – enjoy!

Keep posting, keep commenting, keep upvoting, we look forward to reading all your comments and joining in the discussion with you!

For more information, visit Fintech Insider News, check out 11FS.com or subscribe to Fintech Insider to listen to the podcast.