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Video — Business banking

It's not the technology - Why banking is broken ft. Ewan Silver

When people discuss 'banking being broken', they often refer to the technology itself. However, that isn't necessarily the case.

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If your marketing is better than your product, you’re doing it wrong

Many marketers have a story of a boss or board that wanted all the benefits of a strong brand, without the investment, hassle or commitment of having to build o...

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How to create a culturally driven brand

This December 2020 cover of The New Yorker has been praised for perfectly capturing the zeitgeist of the time. Of the completely bizarre year we didn’t see comi...

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Your brand matters more than your features

For anyone launching a new product, there are probably hundreds of questions on their mind. One of these is likely to be whether brand relevance or feature pari...

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The risk of fintech blanding

In a landscape where it’s so easy for people to switch between digital products and services, brands are having to work harder to get into the customer’s mind, ...

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Article — Business banking

Tech debt in banking, how did we get here?

The term ‘technical debt’ has been around a long time in software engineering. It shares some common characteristics with financial debt: You can accumulate it,...

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Report — Business banking

Rebuilding financial services from the inside

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Article — Business banking

Pace of change is a power law

Everything that made senior bankers successful is what makes them less able to thrive in the digital economy.

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Minimum Loveable Brand

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Article — Retail banking

Summary: The FCA’s feedback on the Open Finance CFI

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