A question that we often get asked is, “How do we set the bar so high for our challenger consultancy?”

The secret is our people, because great things are born from passion.

That’s what drives us here.

At 11:FS, we’re only as good as the people who work with us (just like great movies, successful companies, fantastic music). Here, we don’t just work for the company, we understand its cause, vision, and purpose.

We let our people speak for themselves. See who is making the magic happen in our company, and the core values that we follow. 11:FS is just the roof over the heads of these amazing people who choose to succeed with us. Seriously.

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People here don’t just go to work, do what they’re told, and help someone else achieve their dreams. We at 11:FS are empowered to use our voice and make a meaningful impact on the company and its direction.


We believe that when people aren’t ruled by a hierarchy, their expansive freedom encourages them to be autonomous. This means we act like a start-up should. We have a culture of high-performance behaviour thanks to this philosophy.


Team members have different views sometimes – but there’s one thing they always agree on: the direction of their company’s growth. With one aligned goal, we’re given the opportunity to be heard, be seen, and to share our experiences with each other to drive forward the most phenomenal projects the company has.


We’re people who recognise that good decisions can come from anywhere, but passion will always win over talent. For us, passion is not optional.


We started off as a bunch of individuals, and now, we are a Team. Diversity had given us the team we’ve always wanted, and that some companies can only dream of. The moment that you put A, B, C players in their own boxes, you know there will never be true collaboration. Anything is possible when you work together.


The company is devoted to their people – just as we are devoted to our pets. After all, we’re only Human.

Meet the team

CEO and Co-Founder

David M. Brear

David is CEO and Co-Founder of 11:FS. Named amongst the Top 100 Most Influential FinTech Leaders of 2016, he’s one of the most recognized and influential people in financial services. At Lloyds Banking Group and Aviva, David delivered large-scale digital transformations, then led Gartner’s Global Digital Banking practice before founding 11:FS.

Co-Founder and consulting lead

Jason Bates

Jason is Co-Founder and consulting lead for 11:FS. Jason previously Co-Founded Monzo and Starling – two new digital retail banks in the in the UK – where he led product and proposition: researching customer needs, designing the app, recruiting a world class team, and defending regulatory submissions to the UK regulator. Jason has firsthand experience of what creating a next-generation FinTech bank from scratch really means.

Co-Founder and Blockchain Lead

Simon Taylor

Simon is Co-Founder and Blockchain Lead at 11:FS. Previously at Barclays, he established the bank as one of the leaders in blockchain thought and action. Simon also serves as an advisor to central banks and governments, in addition to consulting the top 20 banks on blockchain. He’s helped a variety of startups flourish through the Barclays Accelerator.

Co-Founder and Practice Lead for Research and Benchmarking

Ross Methven

Ross is Co-Founder and Practice Lead for Research and Benchmarking at 11:FS. For 15 years, Ross has provided outstanding digital banking research and consultancy services, most recently as Director of Client Services at Mapa. He’s designed and delivered research programmes for a diverse range of clients all over the globe, examining the digital banking ecosystem from all angles.

Zoe Anstey

Zoe has 5 years support experience so is used to juggling many calendars and keeping the cogs of a company turning. She particularly enjoys the diversity of her role and the fast-paced environment at 11FS.

Veronique Constans

Veronique is a Program Manager, she has experience of leading cross-border engagements in financial services and technology at large financial institutions and start-ups. At 11:FS she works on managing delivery of client projects.

Tom Shaw

Tom’s background in investment banking leads him to take an analytical approach to growth, digging deep into the data to find insights that will drive our mission forward. He works across the company to build tools and improve the products that our customers love.

Tom Hards

Tom is Junior Video Editor on the Pulse Research team where he is responsible for editing together videos of digital banking user experience journeys and preparing them for the 11:FS Pulse platform.

Tom Evans

Tom Evans is UX Director at 11:FS. His commercial experience covers the full range of User Centered Design (UCD) disciplines, UX design, and consultancy. Tom studied as an Applied Psychologist, specialising in Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability. He’s particularly interested in how psychological research can be applied to digital solutions to deliver a compelling and intuitive user experience that drives end-user engagement, satisfaction, and conversions.

Toby Sexton

Toby is Head of Delivery at 11:FS. He is a PMO Specialist with experience of implementing and improving process and controls at a number of financial institutions. At 11:FS he keeps his eye on the delivery of our projects and oversees our business transformation.

Sophie Theen

Sophie was an engineer building machines before she realised that it wasn’t her thing, people was. Since then she’s moved on to lead recruitment projects with Ford, General Motors and IBM. Setting up HR practice then became her bread and butter in startups and so, she’s joined our company to lead this expansion growth, and this means getting us ready for growth plans, executing headcount project strategies, and doing what all HR Leaders; to create 11:FS’s ultimate working culture.

Simone Giorgetta

Simone is a motion designer, he has worked on projects for brands primarily in Italy. He has experience with cinematography, color grading, and specialises in 2D and 3D motion graphics. He has worked on gigs for TIM, Geox, Intesa San Paolo, Mediolanum, Volkswagen and McDonald’s.

Sarah Kocianski

Sarah is Principal Research Analyst at 11:FS. She previously built and led Business Insider Intelligence’s fintech vertical, and has experience working at financial technology firms large and small. At 11:FS she generates engaging and insightful research on subject areas across the finance and tech industries, and is a regular host of our podcasts.

Sam Maule

Sam is Managing Partner North America for 11:FS. Sam previously led the Digital and FinTech Practice at NTT Data Consulting focusing on both the Financial Service and Insurance market. He has over twenty years of experience working in the payments, mobile, and banking space across North America and Europe. Sam’s an active mentor, thought leader, and sought after speaker focusing on the human element of digital and banking innovation.

Ryan Garner

Ryan has over 13 years’ experience working in customer insights and product strategy. He is an experienced Jobs-To-Be-Done practitioner, helping innovators grow their business by aligning their products to what customers want. He has worked with leading tech companies (Google), challenger banks (Tandem) and was part of the leadership team that launched a personal data platform (CitizenMe).

Ross Gallagher

Ross is Principal Research Consultant at 11:FS, with specialised experience across cards, payments and digital banking. With a disruptive and creative approach to challenging conventional practices, Ross has partnered with some of the best-known global brands to confront and overcome their toughest challenges.

Pete Townsend

Pete is Asset Management Lead for 11:FS, and has 22+ years experience in asset management, asset servicing & advisory in Europe, the US and offshore. He most recently was COO and then global head of product development for an asset servicing division of BNP Paribas. Pete is a leader in the fintech community in Ireland and an advisor to startups.

Olivier Colonna

Olivier Colonna is a Senior Javascript developer, he has led many projects for banks using latest cutting edge technology. Before joining the company Olivier worked for Drivetribe and developed their editorial tool.

Michael Bailey

Do you love our FinTech Insider podcasts and videos? You can thank our Audio/Video Producer Michael Bailey for helping to deliver the #1 business podcast for FinTech innovators, influencers, and those eager to learn.

Massimo Longagnani

Massimo is a Senior DevOps Linux Engineer with 13+ years of experience on Linux systems. Previous working experiences with clients that include Fiat Group (Ferrati, Maserati), Turner Broadcasting, Benevolent AI, Quidco. He loves works on Cloud systems using new technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, micro-services and continuous integration.

Martin Spain

Martin is a front-end developer with more than 15 years of development experience at London’s largest digital agencies. His digital work includes building websites for Red Bull Racing and the Houses of Parliament, developing a dynamic fund research web application for Goldman Sachs, and, most recently, leading a team of 30 front-end developers in building a global web platform for the Renault/Nissan alliance.

Laura Watkins

Laura is Head of Content Creation for 11:FS. She previously managed all digital content for Research Now’s global B2C brands. She also created content in partnership with internationally recognised brands including Google, American Airlines, Aimia, Nectar, and Hilton. At 11:FS she creates the content our audience want to see, across all channels, for 11:FS, II:FS Pulse and the Fintech Insider podcast.

Jon Greenall

Jon is a software engineer at 11FS. He has experience across a wide range of industries, specialising in Java and AWS technologies, working between startups and corporates with a focus on helping small teams to deliver products quickly.

Jeff Tijssen

Jeff is the Head of Consulting at 11:FS. Prior to joining 11:FS he ran FinTech & Partnerships at Capco. He has worked with a large number of financial institutions to successfully develop and launch innovation programmes and digital transformation initiatives. Jeff chairs the FinTech and China Working Group at Tech London Advocates, sits on the Advisory Board of CodeFirst:Girls, and is a mentor at Startupbootcamp, Virgin Startup, and BeyondMe.

James Safford

James is a Junior Market Research Analyst on the Research team. He works predominantly with fintech products for 11:FS’s benchmarking tool, 11:FS Pulse and bespoke reporting. Before joining, James worked in editorial at publisher Palgrave Macmillan.

James Godwin

James is Lead Developer at 11:FS. With more than 15 years of development experience in various industries, James joined 11:FS to lead integration efforts and front-end prototyping.

Guy Moorhouse

Guy has fifteen years experience designing, building and branding digital products and services. He has worked with early stage start ups and established businesses including Facebook and the Government Digital Service. A big believer in user-centred design based on research and prototyping, Guy loves using his diverse creative skillset to help solve problems for organisations and their customers.

Ewan Silver

Ewan Silver, formerly the CTO of Nutmeg.com, has a lengthy background in digital platforms and technical architecture and was pivotal in the foundation of both Monzo and Starling.He is a strong technical leader and executive with a consistent history of leading product and engineering teams to deliver scalable, reliable, cost effective cloud based platforms and products, winning multiple industry awards.

Edgar Gomez

Edgar Gomez works as a video editor on the research team, gathering user journeys from an international panel of field workers and preparing them for the 11:FS Pulse platform. Prior to 11FS, Edgar worked as a graphic designer and video editor in South America for brands such as Colgate and Chevrolet.

Doug Bobenhouse

Doug has focused on distilling simplicity from complexity throughout his fintech career. Before 11:FS, he co-founded Synchology, a prepaid company offering an API platform enabling banks and non-banks to offer user-centric debit and savings products.

Chris Skinner

Chris is a NED, strategist, and advisor to special projects at 11:FS. He is an industry expert with connections across the globe.

Cameron Macbeth

Cam is a senior interaction designer with 10 years’ experience helping businesses better serve their customers. Prior to 11:FS he formed part of the founding design team of tech consultancy The App Business, helped various early stage startups bring new propositions to market, and consulted on key projects in IoT for the UK’s own Hive Home.

Benedict Shegog

Benedict is a Market Research Analyst on the 11:FS Research Team that seeks out cutting-edge fintech innovation for use in competitor analysis and strategy. He covers bespoke research projects and product analysis on the 11:FS Pulse platform. Before joining the company Benedict worked for a financial inclusion NGO with programmes in East Africa.

Ben Smith

Ben has been part of the founding team of 3 start-ups, and has worked across the delivery lifecycle at large corporates and consultancies, from early stage innovation and proposition development to £100+ international business transformations.

Anthony Marion

Formerly at Apple, Anthony is Senior Client and Marketing Manager at 11:FS. He manages 11:FS Talks, sponsorship opportunities for our podcasts 11:FS FinTech and InsurTech Insider, partnerships and all things Marketing.

Andra Sonea

Andra is a strategic thinker with over fifteen years of experience within the Financial Services Industry. She describes herself as “In FinTech before it was called FinTech.” She has led highly specialised teams on projects ranging from complex systems implementations to new technology evaluations. A strong believer in change through technology in Financial Services, she has first-hand experience of the architectural landscapes of some of the biggest banks in the world.

Alex Sherwood

Alex is Head of Community for 11:FS. He spotted the potential of FinTech after using Monzo & becoming one of the most familiar faces in their community. Now he’s building a community on FinTechInsiderNews.com at 11:FS for the makers & followers across who are excited to see & help shape this tidal wave of disruption.

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