A question that we often get asked is, “How do we set the bar so high for our challenger consultancy?”

The secret is our people, because great things are born from passion.

That’s what drives us here.

At 11:FS, we’re only as good as the people who work with us (just like great movies, successful companies, fantastic music). Here, we don’t just work for the company, we understand its cause, vision, and purpose.

We let our people speak for themselves. See who is making the magic happen in our company, and the core values that we follow. 11:FS is just the roof over the heads of these amazing people who choose to succeed with us. Seriously.

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People here don’t just go to work, do what they’re told, and help someone else achieve their dreams. We at 11:FS are empowered to use our voice and make a meaningful impact on the company and its direction.


We believe that when people aren’t ruled by a hierarchy, their expansive freedom encourages them to be autonomous. This means we act like a start-up should. We have a culture of high-performance behaviour thanks to this philosophy.


Team members have different views sometimes – but there’s one thing they always agree on: the direction of their company’s growth. With one aligned goal, we’re given the opportunity to be heard, be seen, and to share our experiences with each other to drive forward the most phenomenal projects the company has.


We’re people who recognise that good decisions can come from anywhere, but passion will always win over talent. For us, passion is not optional.


We started off as a bunch of individuals, and now, we are a Team. Diversity had given us the team we’ve always wanted, and that some companies can only dream of. The moment that you put A, B, C players in their own boxes, you know there will never be true collaboration. Anything is possible when you work together.


The company is devoted to their people – just as we are devoted to our pets. After all, we’re only Human.

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