Episode 116. Insights - Live from TNW 2017

In this episode:

We bring you the highlights from The Next Web Conference 2017 in Amsterdam, where we spoke to some fantastic guests - including actual royalty - Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, who speaks to Aden Davies about his new role as a special envoy for StartUpDelta2020.

Additionally we have Max Brenssell, International Associate at n26 on their plans for expansion to the UK, followed by Ben Hammersley, of Wired about his views on AI and the impact it’ll have on the jobs market; Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten CEO and co-founder of this very event, TNW 2017, talking about The Next Web and what we can look forward to in 2018, followed by Marc Teerlink Chief Business strategist at IBM.

Aden also chats Reshma Sahoni, Co-founder of Seedcamp straight offstage from giving her speech, and Kathryn Myronuk the Synthesis & Convergence Faculty Lead at Singularity University discussing the fantastic work that they do.



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Episode 115. News: buying jewellery from a bank?

In this episode:

David, Jason and Simon are joined for this week's show by news show regulars Liz Lumley and Kadhim Shubber.

First up Jason guides the team through recent current account announcements from both Monzo and Starling - are they the hipsters of fintech?, Are they racing each other to release products?, and is there not room enough in the industry for both? They myth-bust the "tech-focus" of BNY Mellon's new CEO; why "tech" is the tag everyone seems to covet - but saying it does not make it so; Kadhim introduces everyone to Shingy (shingy.com) and was the FCA's faulty currency convertor tools deliberate or an honest mistake?

As Barclays start giving away BPay bands for free they debate whether wearable alternatives to wallets are really a thing? And if they are, should you pay for them?

David also chats with David Geale of the FCA on their latest cohort for the regulatory sandbox.


News this week:

  1. Finextra - Monzo taking it slowly as first limited-edition current accounts come onstream- Link 
  2. Starling Bank YouTube - Starling goes live with Apple Pay - Link
  3. Finextra - Paypal partners with Samsung Pay - Link
  4. Bloomberg - BNY Mellon appoints tech-focused Charles Scharf as its CEO - Link
  5. Finextra - FCA issues warning over misleading currency converter tools - Link
  6. Business Insider - Ratesetter has £80m of loans go bad - Link
  7. City AM  - Barclays to give away “BPay” bands for free - Link
  8. FT - Tech “start-ups” raise $1.3Bn from “ICOs” Link
  9. Guardian - End of the 'rip-off': all charges for paying by card to be banned - Link
  10. Chicagotribune -  Man robs bank while 4 children wait outside in SUV - Link

Ep. 114. Interview - Mariano Belinky & Shachar Bialick

In this episode

Jason Bates and David Brear interview Mariano Belinky,  Managing Partner of Santander InnoVentures and Shachar Bialick, CEO of Curve, following the announcement last week of Santander's recent investment in Curve, in an expansion of their growing fintech portfolio.

They discuss how InnoVentures fits into Santander's digital approach, and what the investment of Curve and two other fintechs brings them, the longterm business plan of Curve and how Santander's investment will help them achieve this.

They also talk APIs, open banking and what our guests' views on upcoming PSD2 directives are.

Find out more about Santander InnoVentures here and Curve at imaginecurve.com

Learn more about Mariano by connecting on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter, and you can also find Shachar on LinkedIn or on Twitter.

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InsurTech Insider Ep1. - InsurTech 101

InsurTech Insider is a new show in the 11Media network, hosted by David Brear and co-host Nigel Walsh, of Deloitte, dedicated to all things insurtech.

In Nigel's words "there's no better time to be in insurance" - and both he, David and their special guests will take you through the trends, changes and news stories, and the new startups, disruptors and technology in the insurance industry right now.

Fittingly for our very first episode, the guys discuss exactly what is InsurTech? Is it just "fintech's little brother" - or so much more than that? We find out the 101.

They also discuss how much data is too much?; the importance of incumbent and insurtech relationships, the education of customers, and the overall shift in the industry from price and product to value and service.


  • Nigel Walsh - partner at Deloitte, with focus on InsurTech, Technology Transformation and Digital
  • Ben Green - Digital Director, Tock Insurance
  • Freddy McNamara - CEO and Founder of Cuvva.

Keep an eye out for Episode 2, coming soon!

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Ep. 113 News: Is Cash Dying?

In this episode

In a fun packed episode, David is joined by regular guest Ghela Boskovich, alongside Edward Maslaveckas, Jeff Tijssen and Gabrielle Inzirillo, who made her Fintech Insider debut, having only just stepped off the Eurostar from Paris.

The team discuss whether or not cash transactions are dying out in the UK thanks to the convenience of contactless payments - (1/3 of all card transactions are now contactless) - and the UK's reduction in reliance on credit cards overall. Conversely, on the other side of the pond the US are now "hooked on credit", is this the result of glamorous loyalty programmes or poor financial education?

They also debate whether or not the UK cares about challenger banks; what the implications are of Stripe going after the Chinese market with integration of Alipay; US's reluctance to adopt APIs; Revolut's move to take on the Asian market following major investment; and how freaked out you'd be if your ATM started sending you handwritten messages, along with much more.


News this week

  1. Business Insider - UK card payments overtake cash, but less bought on credit - Link -
  2. Business Insider - America is hooked on credit cards — and it's pretty clear why - Link
  3. Finextra - Brits unmoved by new digital challengers - Link
  4. Guardian - Lloyds Bank brings in single overdraft rate in radical shake-up - Link
  5. Tech Crunch - Confirmed: London fintech Curve raises $10M Series A - Link 
  6. Business Insider - Worldpay shares drop sharply after it agrees a £9.1 billion deal with Vantiv - Link
  7. Finextra - HSBC and Barclays join EU project to test the use of digital IDs for cross-border banking- Link
  8. Tech Crunch - Stripe adds support for Alipay and WeChat Pay, China’s top digital payment services- Link 
  9. Finextra - Nacha sets sights on standardised APIs - Link 
  10. BBC News-  RBS agrees £3.65bn settlement over risky mortgages in US - Link 
  11. CNBC -  Revolut raises $66 million in venture capital investment; eyes expansion in Asia & US- Link
  12. Guardian - Texas man trapped inside ATM rescued after passing notes through receipt slot - Link

Ep. 112. Interview - Laurent le Moal, CEO, PayU

In this episode

Jason Bates interviews Laurent le Moal, CEO of PayU, the leading online payments provider, dedicated to growth markets, at Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen.

PayU's primary focus is to help merchants accept payments and they operate in a wide range countries around the world including India, Latin America, Turkey and Russia. Laurent tells us that PayU currently manage an incredible 250 different ways to accept payments - including globally recognised cards, regional payment schemes, bank based accounts, legacy systems based on cash. Their focus being on digital transactions and they process 60% of all e-commerce transactions in India alone.

Laurent and Jason discuss PayU's existing huge market share and their plans for expansion into further digital payment products to serve consumers based around credit scoring in less developed countries. They also debate fintech changes and developments worldwide and where the trends are coming from, and where to watch for future investment opportunities.

For more information on Laurent, connect with him on Twitter or LinkedIn or check out PayU.

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Ep. 111. Insights: Money20/20 Europe, Part 2

In this episode:

We bring you the second roundup of  highlights from Money20/20 Europe in Copenhagen.

We caught up with some fascinating guests, speakers and interviewees; starting with the founder of Moola and ITV's resident Money Expert, Gemma Godfrey, who chatted to Simon about Moola - the online investment services she founded to help people invest their money easily and intuitively, and her time as an adviser to Arnold Schwarzernegger on The Celebrity Apprentice USA. Jason then catches up with Marko and Nigel from Solaris who give us an exclusive announcement of their new partnership; followed by Jaidev Janarnada, the CEO of Zopa who discusses Zopa's expansion from P2P lending to marketplace lending, and the company's overall evolution since its launch in 2005.

Jason also speaks to Jack Harris of Wirecard, a German-based company who collaborate with start ups and fintechs to empower them using Wirecard's own banking licence; Jack tells Jason about their plans for future development and their global aspirations. Next up, Simon chats to Amy Neal from Mastercard about their engagement with startups and the 6 new startups they've just partnered with, including Tonetag who are introducing sound-based contactless payments. Finally, Meaghan interviews Pranary Jain, CEO of Enterprise Bot who are revolutionising customer service using AI to humanise response systems.


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Ep. 274. News: Digitising Pocket Money

In this episode

David and Simon are joined by regular Sarah Kocianski, and RFi and Sky News Australia's Chloe James, who makes her Fintech Insider  debut, for this week's news.

First up, they discuss the pros and cons of "screen-scraping" - do banks only want open banking on their terms and to pick and choose the bits of it they want?; is it right that challengers only get one representative at the Open Banking Initiative- and is Atom really a challenger bank?;  and is a CIO title unnecessary?  You can't innovate in a silo, it needs to go company wide, nor can one person or department "own" innovation, that only creates turf wars.

There are also strong views on the 'culture of harassment' for women in tech as reported by the New York Times and how sad it is that this culture already permeates an industry that's so young. The necessity of speaking up to shatter unconscious bias in the industry is paramount.

They also take on Danske Bank's pocket money app to allow parents the ability to digitise pocket money for their children and have an online overview of what they do with it - could this be a key to improved financial education for children?

The team also reflect on the 'changing of the guard' at Tesco Bank as their CEO steps down after 10 years; on MBank putting themselves forward as a template for others as they licence their tech platform, and on Tide's $14M raise from the same backers as Spotify - can they now live up to their hype of being the "Monzo of business"?


  • Sarah Kocianski, Senior Research Analyst Fintech at Business Insider UK
  • Chloe James - Group Media Director - RFi Group & Presenter at Sky News Australia

News this week

  1. Finextra - EBA rejects Commission amendments on screen scraping under PSD2 - Link
  2. Open Banking - Atom Bank CEO Joins Open Banking Initiative As Challenger Bank Representative - Link
  3. Finextra - HSBC hires Diana Biggs to lead business model innovation - Link
  4. Bloomberg - Tesco Bank Says Chief Executive Higgins to Retire Next Year - Link
  5. Techcrunch - Curve now lets you ‘go back in time’ and switch the card you paid with retroactively - Link
  6. FinTech Insider News -  Poland's mBank to license tech platform to third party financial institutions - Link
  7. FinTech Insider News - Danske Bank develops pocket money app - move over Osper / GoHenry - Link
  8. New York Times - Women in Tech Speak Frankly on Culture of Harassment - Link
  9. Business Insider - Fintech startup Tide: $14 million boost from Spotify backers Creandum - Link
  10. Medium - Bag Snatchers, Monzo, and a night of adventure in London. - Link

Ep. 273. Interviews - Rita Liu & Edward Budd

In this episode

From last week's magnificent Money20/20 Europe, Jason interviews Rita Liu, Head of Alipay (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), the world's largest mobile and online payments platform since 2014, and Simon catches up with Edward Budd, Managing Director and Chief Digital Officer of Global Transaction Banking at Deutsche Bank.

Rita tells us about the European expansion of Alipay, and the innovations in fintech coming from China and the Asian market; and some of the new, cool initiatives from Ant Financial and Alipay, including carbon saving monitoring, (e.g. paperless payments), resulting in Alipay planting trees once you reach a certain threshold.

She also explains Alipay's ethos in relation to testing and creating new products at scale, and partnerships with retailers to grow Alipay's use and exposure in Europe.

Edward Budd tells Simon about Deutsche Bank's digital trade opportunities, opening up the market for new clients, and new market segments. Their particular focus currently is on small business owners and international trade between them, drawing on collaboration between multiple banks to serve an existing but underserved segment to help improve the dedicated financial services for this sector.

Edward goes onto explain how experimentation is important to Deutsche bank, and changing up traditional business model from the top down to change culture and leadership in order to innovate.

Find out more from Rita at Alipay.com, connect with her on LinkedIn, or follow her on Twitter.

Learn more about Edward by: DB.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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Ep. 272. Insights: Money20/20 Europe, Part 1

In this episode:

We bring you the highlights from last week's amazing event at Money20/20 Europe in beautiful Copenhagen.

We caught up with some fascinating guests, speakers and interviewees including: Derek White from BBVA speaking to Simon about open platforms, APIs and customer input in development of new products; Jason interviews Andrew and Tac from JCB International; and Bill Gajda, SVP at VISA announcing their partnership with Klarna; and Simon catches up with Bianca Lopes, SVP of BioConnect, about data privacy, online identification and online reputation management.

Next up, Simon chats to Aaron Phethean from Temenos about their software, marketplace partnerships and scalability with fintechs and incumbents; followed by Eugene Danilkis the CEO of Mambu, the SaaS banking software provider. David interviews Don Ginsel, the founder of Holland Fintech, ahead of Money20/2o Europe going to Amsterdam next year; and finally Meaghan talks to Lav Odorović, CEO of Penta.


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Ep. 271. News: LIVE from Money20/20 Europe

In this episode

We bring you our first ever live podcast, recorded in front of a live audience at Money20/20 Europe, Copenhagen.

With all four of our regular hosts, David Brear, Jason Bates, Simon Taylor and Chris Skinner, plus six fantastic guests from the world of fintech and banking (and previous podcasts), they discuss the latest news and stories with additional audience interaction, including:

Goldman Sachs' lending business hitting its first $1bn mark, is this a good thing or is it old news?, the pros and cons of card use and card readers vs smartphone points of sale - as pioneered by Jack Dorsey's Square; and the merits of Will.i.am as an advisor to Atom Bank and personification of their market sector, which opens up discussion of who other banks would be if they were a pop star.

We also hear Starling's own Megan Cawood on their European expansion and Simon and Ajit lead the audience into a cryptocurrency Q&A explaining the Ethereum "flash crash" and what this means for Ethereum's future, and cryptocurrency in general, and they attempt to address the same old question: is it a bubble, should I hold or sell?


News this week

  1. Business Insider - Goldman Sachs' new online lending business has already hit a $1 billion milestone - Link
  2. Financial Review - Square gets green light to take on banks with 'PIN on glass' mobile technology - Link
  3. Tech City News -Will.i.am reveals why he became an advisor to UK FinTech startup Atom Bank - Link
  4. Venture Beat - Stripe refocuses European effort with 6 new markets and expanded payments platform - Link
  5. Tech Crunch - Starling Bank passports to Europe, first stop Ireland - Link
  6. CNBC -  Despite $319 to 10 cents flash crash, ethereum still has massive potential, says digital currency expert - Link
  7. Techcrunch - Coinbase is reimbursing losses caused by the Ethereum flash crash - Link
  8. Bloomberg - Jack Ma's Ant Financial Nearly Doubles Profits Amid Deal Push - Link

Ep. 270. Interview – Jonathan Larsen, Chief Innovation Officer, Ping An

In this episode

David is joined by the multi-talented Jonathan Larsen, who is simultaneously CIO of Ping An, based in Hong Kong and CEO of their Global Voyager Fund.

The Global Voyager Fund is a $1billion fund for investment in global fintech, and Jonathan and his team ensure that via this fund they have access to the best innovation around the globe and the best partnerships opportunities.

He discusses the impact of financial innovation in China and the enormous opportunities for scalability that China offers, unlike anywhere else. Equally, he tells us about the international opportunities that have arisen from this, reversing the flow of technological advancement from China to the rest of the world whereas previously the flow was going in the opposite direction. The biggest opportunity in China is fintech for healthcare but this is also branching out worldwide with platforms sponsored by the Global Voyager Fund, such as gooddoctor.com the "uber of doctors".

Jonathan also shares with us his visions for the future where businesses are information led and data is the biggest asset, meaning companies are no longer tied into one fixed industry.

Want to know more? Check out Ping An, or connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn.

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Ep. 269. Interview - Ali Niknam, CEO of Bunq

In this episode

Simon interviews Ali Niknam, CEO of Bunq, who firstly, tells us all about where the name Bunq came from, what the brand name means and stands for, and how important that is to the company ethos and their overall mantra of being "the bank of the free".

Bunq is a small company with big ambitions for geographic expansion and scalability; Ali tells us that control and ownership is so important to them (they do not outsource their development); and he deliberately chose to run a small team to deliver the best quality products and experience for the end user. It is also part of Bunq's USP that they take on user feedback when developing their products and are not afraid to experiment, for example they were first bank in the world to try face recognition software.

Ali also explains Bunq's target market and customer demographics, and the Bunq service-orientated business model, in essence: "not making money with money".

Want to know more? Check out Bunq.com, follow them on Twitter, or connect with Ali on LinkedIn.

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Ep. 268. News: It's raining money in Durham

In this episode

We have a whole host of hosts as David, Jason, Simon and Aden are joined by Mariano Belinky and Jamie Campbell for the news.

This week in a European-led section of the show the team discuss Swedish giant Klarna getting it's official banking licence to begin delivering financial services, Spain's first fully digital bank, European "robo advice", and the European Central Bank demanding declaration of all cyber security breaches.

It's raining money in Durham as Atom gets a further £30 million investment from the government, and why did Will.i.am became an advisor to Atom - and does it work?

Additionally, they also take on the Barclays execs' fraud charges during the financial crisis in 2008, ahead of their hearing next week; and an equally political story on the other side of the pond: Elizabeth Warren's attempts to remove 12 Wells Fargo board members.

Finally, the guys also discuss whether PayPal are right to dismiss the Apple Pay challenge; and the impact of two thirds of the world's population now having mobile phone access and what does that mean for digital innovation?


News this week

  1.  Techcrunch - Klarna gets a full banking license, gears up to go beyond financing payments - Link
  2. Techcrunch - Monese adds Direct Debits to become even more like a regular bank account - Link
  3. Banking Tech - Spain’s first fully digital bank Openbank in major transformation - Link
  4. Bloomberg - Barclays and Four Former Execs Charged Over Qatar Probe - Link
  5. CNBC - Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls for removal of 12 Wells Fargo board members - Link
  6.  Business Insider - BlackRock gets into European 'robo advice' as it leads €30 million investment in Scalable Capital - Link
  7. Business Insider - Atom Bank gets £30 million from the government as Philip Hammond pledges investment boost - Lin
  8. Tech City News - Will.i.am reveals why he became an advisor to UK FinTech startup Atom Bank - Link
  9. The Telegraph - PayPal chief dismisses Apple Pay challenge - Link
  10. City AM - Banks to be forced to reveal all cyber security breaches to the European Central Bank - Link
  11. NFC World - Swedish commuters validate tickets using NFC microchips implanted in their hands - Link
  12. Daily Fintech - International Regtech Association Launch and IBM Watson announce Regtech Apps - Link
  13. Venture Beat - 5 billion people now have a mobile phone connection - Link

Ep. 267. Interview - Nathan Bostock, CEO Santander UK

In this episode

Simon interviews Nathan Bostock, CEO of Santander UK.

Nathan explains how Santander is embracing the tech changes facing the banking industry, and the shifting customer behaviours in their interactions with the bank with the help of digital innovation.

He also tells us that digital innovation evolves around good customer service so Santander tries maintain "customer-centricity" in all it does, to drive its customer experience forward, and that hiring strong digital talent is so important to them to help them achieve this.

Nathan also tells us that the Santander company ethos and mindset is that of a challenger, not an incumbent, so they are always looking for opportunities for innovation that can challenge the status quo, while simultaneously taking customer data security very seriously. One key opportunity for innovation is that of partnership with fintech companies and Nathan explains the success of their partnership with small business lending company, Kabbage.

Want to know more? Visit http://www.santander.co.uk/uk/index or https://uk.kabbage.com/

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Ep. 266. Insights - RFI Global Banking Summit

In this episode:

We bring you the highlights from the RFI global banking summit where we were lucky enough to speak to a variety of different guests, on a range of topics.

First up, Aden spoke with Louise Beaumont, Co-Chair at Open Bank Working Group, to talk about all things open banking, before he dived into a chat with regular FinTech Insider guest Ghela Boskovich.

Later on he chats to Luis Rodriguez, VP Strands Lab and Ricky Knox, founder of Tandem.

Later on, Simon Taylor takes the reigns as he chats with Mike Kelly, the Founder of Curl, Jesse McWaters of the World Economic Forum, Charles Green, CEO of RFi Group, the host of the event, and Yarrick, CEO of NBank.



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Ep. 265. News: Guess who's back?

In this episode

David is back! He and Aden are joined by regulars Liz and Sarah for the news.

This week the team take on The FCA's cohort 3 and reveals cohort 2 for their sandbox; Amazon flexing it's financial services muscles; and the "demise of a fintech darling" as Monetise is to be acquired by Fiserv for £70million, when it was previously valued at £2billion.

They also ask "what the hell is Zelle?" - the instant transfer app taking the US by storm, a key rival of Venmo, a product of six banks working together with 86million instantly available customers, it looks set to make big waves. The team also tackle Uber upheavals, and the ongoing sexism disputes threatening to tear the company apart,  leaving it currently without a CEO, CTO or COO - is this the beginning of the end for them? Even if it's not, being the "Uber of banking" may no longer be a thing to aspire to.

They also discuss what is the future for the small town bank branches and is honesty the best policy?, as Monzo sends out open communications explaining the need to verify 20,000 customer accounts or else to shut them down.

And finally... Potcoin Dennis Rodman and North Korea - is this a movie waiting to happen?


News this week

  1. FCA - Financial Conduct Authority provides update on regulatory sandbox - Link
  2. Reuters - Amazon lent $1 billion to merchants to boost sales on its marketplace Link
  3. Finextra - Fiserv to acquire Monitise for £70 million - Link
  4. New York Times - Cash Faces a new challenger in Zelle, A mobile banking service Link
  5. BizJournals - Bank of America launches new high-tech financial centers around U.S Link
  6. The Guardian - As we wave goodbye to cash, ATMs have had to get a whole lot smarter Link
  7. Finextra - Monzo may have to freeze some accounts under new money laundering rules - Link
  8. The FT - Deutsche Bank wealth arm targets Asia super-rich Link
  9. New York Times - Uber embraces major reforms as Travis Kalanick, steps away Link
  10. New York Times - David Bonderman resigns from Uber board after Sexist remark - Link
  11. The Register - Ta-ta, security: Bungling Tata devs leaked banks' code on public GitHub repo, says IT bloke Link
  12. FNLondon - Email hoaxer catches out top brass at Citi and Goldman Link
  13. The Verge - A cryptocurrency for weed is sending Dennis Rodman back to North Korea Link

Ep. 264. Interview - Daphne de Kluis - CEO of Commercial Banking, ABN AMRO

In this episode

Jason interviews Daphne de Kluis, CEO of commercial banking at ABN AMRO, the Dutch banking giant.

Speaking at the Beyond Banking event in Amsterdam, Daphne and Jason discuss the importance of the event to enhance co-creation between partners, external clients, and customers to shape the future of banking and products. She believes in the importance of asking clients for their feedback and what they want from their bank to create more collaborative development that allows ABN AMRO to reach beyond the boundaries of the traditional bank and offer better customer service. They discuss the value of entrepreneurship and ABN AMRO's ongoing efforts to change the company culture to challenge their employees to think outside the box and work more like entrepreneurs, no small feat in such a giant organisation!

Jason also asks her for her views on fintech and challenger banks - does she see them as a threat? They also discuss her thoughts on digitisation in banking - is it almost complete or barely begun?, ABN AMRO's route to innovation and how talent is always key priority.

Want to know more? Reach out to Daphne via the ABN AMRO website, or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Ep. 263 - News: Dodd Frank, Trump, Elections, Unicorns - what didn't happen this week?

In this episode

Simon and Aden are joined by regulars Ghela and Sarah for the news.

This week we discuss all things politics on both sides of the pond, especially THAT Dodd Frank legislation repeal proposed by Trump, that seems to have flown slightly under the radar while we were all looking the other way, watching Comey's testimony- and what this would mean for banks and their customers if it happens. Also on the table is the UK election result and the potential "Brexit dilemma": other European fintech hubs could take the talent and budget away from London - will London fight back?

They also tackle whether it's possible for incumbents to ever truly become fintech firms, or will innovation always get bogged down in middle management? On the flipside is Coinbase, who has just achieved unicorn status with their latest valuation - is it a game-changer to have a cryptocurrency firm inducted into unicornland?

The team also debate whether it's a big deal that Apple have announced a peer-to-peer payment service, to compete with Venmo; and with Atom postponing the launch of their current accounts, are they struggling to be truly digital? Additionally they all agree that Ant Financial is a beast but it is not yet a bank, can it successfully make the switch?

Finally, how do we feel about Australia's attempt to rename its currency the Dollarydoo - and can the change of a currency's name affect it's worth?


News this week

    1. Politics! Trump and Comey, Dodd Frank legislation repeals, and the UK election result.
    2. Recode -  Apple just announced its own Venmo competitor built into iMessage - Link
    3. Atom postpones current account launch - Link
    4. The Telegraph - Aviva eyeing AI and big data in bid to become fintech firm - Link
    5.  Coin Telegraph - Coinbase Valued at $1 Bln, Could Target More Aggressive Global Expansion - Link
    6. Nikkei Asian Review - Ant Financial seen becoming world's top consumer bank - Link
    7. Polish fintech companies face Brexit dilemma - Link
    8. Marketwatch - A petition to call Australia’s currency ‘the Dollarydoo’ has 50,000 signatures - Link

Ep 262. State of Fintech: Amsterdam

In this episode

Jason and Simon catch up with ABN AMRO’s Freek de Steenwinkel & Roland Booijen, and Ali Niknam, CEO of Dutch challenger bank, Bunq to discuss traditional banking vs challenger banks and fintech in the Netherlands. Are fintechs competing with incumbents or assisting incumbents?

They find out how our guests feel about hackathons, hiring developer talent, APIs and the up-coming PSD2 directive. They also discuss regulations, compliance and new product development, in particular ABN AMRO's Tikkie - an easy-to-use payment management tool, allowing peer to peer transfers via WhatsApp.

Freek, Roland and Ali also give their predictions on the future of the Dutch fintech market as a whole, and its impact on existing banks and financial products.


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Ep 261. Interview - Paul Lipman, CEO of Bullguard

In this episode

David interviews Paul Lipman, CEO of Bullguard, the consumer cyber security experts. Following very topical compromises of ransomware around the world, Paul explains how Bullguard are always fighting a constant battle with the “bad guys” to stay ahead of cyber threats to protect their customers across all their devices.

We learn how institutions are still too reliant on old software, exposing their vulnerability and that “patching up” fixes are not enough. Paul reminds us that any software can be hacked and that cyber security education across all businesses and industries is paramount as often it’s us humans that let the side down, no matter how secure the internal systems are!

Paul also discusses his new product, Dojo by Bullguard, a smart home security solution that is designed to protect all your smart devices in the home from being compromised and inadvertently sharing your data to unwanted third parties; and the Dojo Pebble, a notification device that updates you on the data security of your home and lets you know in real time if any threats are found.

Want to know more? Read all about Bullguard and the Dojo product on their website or follow Paul on Twitter.

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Ep. 260 - Blockchain Special Part 3: EEA and ZCash - Open Blockchains for Enterprise?

In this episode

In the third of our three part Blockchain Special, Simon and Colin are joined by some very special guests to discuss EEA, ZCash and the potential similarities between blockchain and the rise of cryptocurrencies and the dot-com bubble in the 90s, and asks the question: “Why should we be paying attention?”. They also debate the anonymity of blockchain and user privacy; and centralisation vs decentralisation in blockchain APIs - do we still need the middle man?

In the second half they discuss highly topical news stories such as the EU’s pledge to invest in blockchain research and Theresa May’s proposal for greater internet security and access to public data - is she asking for the impossible? 

Like what you heard? Look out for Blockchain Insider - a dedicated podcast to all things blockchain, coming soon!


  • Jack Gavigan - COO at Z-Cash (The Zerocoin Electric Coin Company)
  • Alex Batlin - Co-Founder at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Global Head of Emerging Business & Technology and Global Blockchain Lead at BNY Mellon

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Ep259 - News: Dirty Money

In this episode

Aden and Simon are joined by regulars Kadhim and Liz for the news. This week we find out if it’s really necessary to use VR in banking; and, as ATMs are dying and costing banks to run, we discuss the pros and cons of hard cash versus digital transactions - and the various reasons why people are still keen on cash.
We also myth-bust the theory that consumers are less trusting of robots or AI for banking and money movements than they would be for major surgery; and if it’s true Google can track what you’re buying online and offline via your credit card purchases - and how do we feel about this? Finally, the team debate the importance of big banks and banking regulators beginning to pay attention to fintech, and why Chicago should be a fintech hub, but isn’t.


News this week

  1. Finextra -  BNP Paribas jumps into virtual reality - Link
  2. Finextra - Bank of America preps data sharing service - Link
  3. Finextra - Dutch banks bid to manage falling cash use through joint ATM network - Link
  4. HSBC partners with AI startup to combat money laundering - Link
  5. Bloomberg - HSBC Discovers Consumers Trust Robots for Surgery Over Savings - Link
  6. MIT Techreview - Google Now Tracks Your Credit Card Purchases and Connects Them to Its Online Profile of You - Link
  7. President of the ECB talks Fintech  - Link
  8. Sydney Morning Herald -  China's P2P lending market 24x bigger than the US fintech lending market  - Link
  9. Coindesk - India's 'BankChain' Consortium Launches Blockchain KYC System - Link
  10. Chicago should be a fintech hub but why isn't it? - Link

Ep258 - Interview: Valentin Stalf, Co-Founder & CEO at N26

In this episode

We welcome back Valentin Stalf, CEO of N26 back to the show. Simon spends some time to catch up with Valentin on N26's growth and how they've forged ahead expanding to new countries. Valentin talks about what is needed to be done to enter the UK market.

We cover N26's growing pains related to cyber security, Valentin's approach to countering it and using bug bounty programs to create a sustained defence. We talk to advantages of digital on boarding and what the future looks like for N26 and open API's. We then find out what it's like to be a young CEO and how to stay productive while having the world on your shoulders.

You can follow Valentin on Twitter here and learn more about N26 on their website.

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Ep257 - Blockchain Special Part 2: Consensus Recap

In this episode


Part 2 of our Blockchain Special, Simon and Colin with a roster of fascinating guests focus on the recent Consensus conference. We cover what the conference is, who should be attending and where it means to the industry. We give you a crash course on the difference between cryptocurrencies and DLT, what the main impacts ledger technology will have on banks and what is causing the major spikes in crypto currency prices right now.

Stay tuned in for our final part next week.


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Ep256 - News: We're Breaking Free

In this episode

David, Jason and Simon jump into the news accompanied by Richard Davies. This week borderless bank accounts, can your voice be secure and we make Simon talk Apple pay.

We also have interviews from Transferwise, Seedrs and Pensionbee to cover their big announcements this week.


News this week

  1. Techcrunch - TransferWise launches ‘Borderless’ account for businesses, sole traders and freelancers - Link
  2. BBC fools HSBC voice recognition security system - Link
  3. Apple Pay now supports higher value transactions at most UK contactless tills - Link
  4. American Banker - If banks wait for APIs to be mandated, it will be too late - Link
  5. British firm Seedrs plans a secondary market for crowd-funded shares - Link
  6. afr.com - How Pocketbook went from a Sydney spreadsheet to a fintech with 300,000 users - Link
  7. PensionsBee partners with Revolut
  8. Crypto craziness! A story on it all going off!
  9. Reuters - BofA, HSBC, Intel, others invest $107 mln in blockchain startup R3 - Link

Ep255 - Interview: Christopher Giancarlo, Acting Chairman CFTC

For this very special edition of Fintech Insider Interviews, Simon had the chance to talk to Christopher Giancarlo, Acting Chairman of the CFTC.

Christopher walks us through what the CFTC is and how they differ from the SEC. He talks about how the CTFC are trying to foster new innovation through their LabCFTC initiative.

LabCFTC is an effort to become an early adopter regulator looking into applications of machine learning, AI, DLT and Blockchain technologies being applied to regulatory challenges.

Christopher speaks to Simon about the value of new technology and what an updated regulatory environment could look like going forward.

Want more of Christopher? You can follow him on Twitter here. You can find out more about the CFTC on their website.

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Ep254 - Blockchain Special Part 1: Tokens

In this episode

As crypto currency interest and prices reach an all time high Simon and Colin bring you the first of a three part special on Blockchain. We delve into the hurricane of news that surfaced this week talking all time high prices, Bitcoin's effect on national security and the CFTC's foray into the blockchain.

In our second half tokens and ICO's are on the table as we explain what exactly an ICO is, what tokens are, what industries are reacting and why you should be paying attention.

Keep an eye out for part 2 next week!



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Ep253 - CyberRansomWarfare!

In this episode

Jason, Simon and Andra are joined by Myke and Liz for the news. We find out if bitcoin to blame for ransomware, whether consumers actually want to cut the banks out of loans. Everyone debates why anyone would want to buy the Co-Op. Jason commits a vile podcast sin and will Google be your next bank?


News this week


  1. BBC News - Massive ransomware infection hits computers in 99 countries - Link
  2. The Register - After years of warnings, mobile network hackers exploit SS7 flaws to drain bank accounts - Link
  3. Business Insider - Zopa becomes the first of the 'Big 3' peer-to-peer lenders to be authorised by the City watchdog - Link
  4. Business Insider - Startup bank Tandem cuts headcount after funding setback - Link
  5. City AM - Virgin Money walks away from Co-op Bank takeover talks after months of speculation - Link
  6. Quartz - The world’s most successful mobile money market is introducing cross-network transfer systems - Link
  7. Symphony secure messaging app gets 63m at 1b - Link
  8. Fortune - Amex debuts its first Alexa Skill - Link
  9. Harvard Business Review - Link
  10. Finextra - UK consumers ready to swap banks for tech giants - Link
  11. Money Watch - DrnkPay: Payments System Aims To Stop Drunken Spending - Link

Ep252 - Interview: Claire Calmejane

David interviews Claire Calmejane Director of Innovation and Digital Centre of Excellence at Lloyds Banking Group.

Claire explains what it means to be leading innovation at Lloyds, we investigate what makes up being a true innovator and what different skills you need to balance to be effective in the space. Better get growing that technology leg!

We learn a bit more about what Lloyds is doing to not just promote open banking but foster better education about new developments within the company. Claire discusses the effect of the technology giants in the banking world and the diversification of your companies offerings should be looking to services.

Want more of Claire? You can follow her on Twitter here.

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Ep251 - Fintech For The Average Joe

In this episode

On this week's Insights show we delve deep into the world of consumer Fintech. We speak with the best in the business on how Fintech compares with other technology developments like fitness and communication and what Fintech looks like as people integrate it into their lives.

We find out what it takes to get people to try something new and whether Fintechs can be trustworthy compared to incumbent banks. All this and more on Fintech for The Average Joe


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Ep250 - If You Liked It, Then You Should've Put A Blockchain On It

In this episode

We discuss what a challenger bank really is - drawing a line in the sand for who is and who isn't in the cool kids club. Alipay seems to be taking over the world through tourism, we discuss how that strategy might be the best route into the west. Debit cards are finding into the hands on children, how do we make sure kids don't go crazy with (and power) - is this the new way for banks to acquire customers? All this and more on the news this week.


Our community contribution was from Nina Mohanty this week (@ninamohanty)

News this week

  1. Banking Technology - FinTech companies blast banks over PSD2 direct access angst - Link
  2. The Telegraph - Upstart Challenger Banks eye consolidation - Link
  3. Banking Technology - Deutsche Bank leads charge for pan-industry e-identity platform - Link
  4. Bloomberg - Apple Can Thank Alipay for Shopping - Link
  5. Global Times - WeChat expands in US, EU - Link
  6. MacRumours - Visa and Payments Startup 'Current' Launch Debit Card for Kids That Ties to Parental Control App - Link
  7. Banking Innovation - Barclays Gives Users Total Control Over Debit in Effort to Stop Card Fraud - Link
  8. FT - Aviva chief executive hits out at personal insurance market - Link
  9. Recode - Square is rolling out its first debit card - Link
  10. Finextra - Starling opens payment services unit - Link
  11. Reuters - Top French bank chief attacks no-frills rivals for freeloading - Link

Ep249 - Poornima Vijayashanker & Lawrence Wintermeyer

It's an interview double header! We talk to Poornima Vijayashanker and Lawrence Wintermeyer.

First up Aden interviews Poornima Vijayashanker about her work on Femgineer, her previous life at Mint and what it meant to be at the forefront of Fintech before Fintech had broken through

After the break Chris Skinner interviews Lawrence Wintermeyer about Innovate Finance's new Industry Sandbox Consultation. We discuss why a sandbox is important, who should be getting involved, where we currently are with the regulators. This is a great insight into where the industry is going next and how companies both big and small can make a difference.

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Ep248 – Gary Vaynerchuk

David and Jason have the wind knocked out of them as they interview Gary Vaynerchuck for this very special Fintech Insider Interview.

People hand me million dollar scopes and ask me for a selfie

We discuss how staying plugged in and not being complacent is what keeps you ahead. Gary schools us on authenticity and how to earn the buy through giving everything you have for one ask. We learn about how Vaynermedia is getting ready to butt heads with BCG and McKinsey, and the source of why the biggest brands on earth are knocking on Gary's door.

There is a not a single client that does the work I want them to do... Period.

Want more of Gary? Subscribe to our Youtube channel to see him in action.

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Ep247 - Making BOMAD a Thing

In this episode

Could Apple have a viable payments platform? Simon gets back from holiday, we had some questions about his new lifestyle choices. We get to the bottom of why Spotify may need a blockchain. Nigel Walsh drops by to talk to us about insurtech funding and we start filling out our mortgage applications to our parents.


Joining us for this week’s analysis of the news:

News this week

  1. Recode - Apple is in talks to launch its own Venmo - Link
  2. Medium - The first real revolution in venture capital: crypto tokens  - Link
  3. Coindesk - The United Nations Just Launched Its First Large-Scale Ethereum Test - Link
  4. Techcrunch - Spotify acquires blockchain startup Mediachain to solve music’s attribution problem -Link
  5. Techcrunch - PayPal launches a small biz toolset, ‘Business in a Box,’ with WooCommerce & Xero - Link
  6. FT - Bank of Mum and Dad is ninth-biggest lender with £6.5bn loans - Link
  7. Submitted by listener Quinn Dempsey on Twitter, American Banker - JPMorgan defection underscores tough blockchain choices - Link
  8. Neshoba Democrat - The Citizens Bank launching interactive tellers - Link
  9. FT - Investment in insurance tech start-ups drop sharply - Link
  10. Globes - Jes Staley sees technology as driving globalisation and changing banking, but says there'll always be a Barclays. - Link
  11. Backchannel - The AI Cargo Cult - The myth of super hero AI - Link

Ep246 - Finding Blockchain's Feet

In this episode

Simon and David sit down with Richard and Maya to discuss the state of the Blockchain. We explore where we are with blockchain and ledger tech, blockchain awareness in the workplace and how we are moving from understanding the technology to applying it in real business situations.

We dive deep on whether blockchain can be applied to KYC and whether maybe sometimes a centralised API might be a better idea than a decentralised blockchain.


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Ep245 - Mandatory Listening

In this episode

Our last news show at Level39, Aden Davies is on point for the first time, as we dive into the world of ageing plastic cards, whether social networks should be their own police force, there's an update from the East, and just how legacy banking systems are maintained... the answer is cowboys.

Don't forget you can use our code 11FS17 to save £100 on your ticket to the Global Digital Banking Conference (http://www.globaldigitalbanking.com/).


Joining us for this week’s analysis of the news:

News this week

  1. Engadget - Smart card Plastc goes under despite $9m in preorders, without shipping a single card - Link
  2. BBC - Mastercard reveals credit with fingerprint sensor - Link
  3. Business Insider - Allianz goes for Lemonade - Link
  4. Guardian F8 Roundup - Shark AR, Mind reading technology & group payments - Link
  5. Bank Innovation - 5 financial services bots launched at facebook-f8/ Link  
  6. The Paypers - Alipay, Wechat Pay reach USD 2.9 trillion online payments in China - Link
  7. Finextra - Robinhood app rises $110 million series C at a $1.3bn valuation - Link
  8. Token.io raises $15.7m series A funding from Octopus, EQventures and OP Financial - Link
  9. Reuters - Banks scramble to fix old systems as ‘COBOL Cowboys’ ride into the sunset - Link
  10. Techbullion - Top 10 Fintech Influencers to follow on Twitter - Link

Ep244 - Jeremy Burge, Chief Emoji Officer of Emojipedia

In this episode

Jeremy Burge joins us to discuss the wonderful world of Emoji. David and Jeremy discuss how emoji are taking over a large amount of communication.

Jeremy explains what it means to be part of the Unicode consortium and how misinterpretation happens between companies. Did you know dinosaurs are coming to a phone near you? Find out which two made the cut.

We also discuss how companies are using emoji to communicate better across social platforms and in their marketing.

"No matter what you say, it jumps out a little bit more if there in an emoji in there."


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Ep243 – Ethical Hacking with Jamie Woodruff and Sergey Pavlovich

In this episode

We dive into the interesting world of ethical hacking. Our first guest Jamie Woodruff takes us through his unique university entry, why your computers might not be the cause of your network's security breach and how posing as a pizza delivery man helped him gain entry into a companies headquarters.

Chris then interviews Sergey Pavlovich, a Russian 'carder' who made it big defrauding banks, and after a stint in prison, started working to defend against people like him. Sergey tells us about how he earned thousands from stolen credit cards and why working for the good guys works out better in the long run.


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Ep242 – Money and Mental Health

In this episode

We attend the Money and Mental Health Tech Sprint. With the help of new Fintech Insider host Dr Harriet Bedell-Pearce we explore new ways technology is being applied in Fintech products to foster better lives for those with mental health disorders.

We hear about the projects built at the tech sprint to help control volatile spending habits caused by mental challenges, how red-tech can help provide regulators with the data they need to make a difference and how taking a personalised approach to mental well-being projects may the way forward for the industry.


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Ep241 – Gerhard Coetzee, Lead Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP

In this episode

Gerhard Coetzee is making a real difference in the world of financial inclusion. As Lead Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP, he leads the technical areas of customer and provider solutions that include customer centric business models, digital finance and smallholder families.

Simon Taylor caught up with him to find out about the challenges he faces and why customer-centric design and partnerships are so central to his approach.

"If you do not understand the customer, the poor person in their life, the challenges they have, the pain points they face, then it will be very difficult to provide a service that they will use."

"I believe strongly in living your life in such a way that when you leave something, it is better than the way you found it."

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Ep240 – Innovate Finance – THE Global Summit of FinTech

In this episode

We’re at the 2017 Innovate Finance Global Summit, one of the most prestigious conferences for the financial technology industry. This annual event provides a platform that convenes the world’s global institutions together with startups, policy makers and investors to share ideas and solutions to the challenges facing financial services.


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Ep239 - Alessandro Hatami, Managing Partner at The Pacemakers

In this episode

Alessandro Hatami started with road building in Africa as an engineer, on to direction setting at Lloyds and now he is helping traditional business find and engage with the right digital services partners at The Pacemakers.

11:FS CEO, and ex-colleague of Alessandro, David Brear sat down to find out more about helping large organisations be innovative, how partnering in FinTech is replacing the disruptive narrative and the impacts of Brexit on all of the above.

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Ep238 – Ashok Vaswani, CEO of Barclays UK

In this episode

From dreams of running a five-star hotel to the reality of running a five-star bank, Ashok Vaswani, the CEO of Barclays UK, speaks with Simon Taylor about culture, digital transformation challenges and opportunities, frontline empowerment and how Simon might be able to buy a Lamborghini in the future.

“We touch 24 million customers in the UK, so 63 million people, if you humour me, and say 15 million less than 15 years of age, that leaves 48, we touch one out of every two people in the UK. Now, that’s an awesome position to be in, right?“

“I’ve now started having dinners with CEOs of other businesses, other industries, corporate clients of ours, and saying, “Hey, you guys are big, big in your-,” you know, people like British Airways, AIG, GE, Day Lewis, all these big companies, and say, “You guys are struggling with the same thing, we’re struggling with the same thing, can we actually talk together and, you know, do stuff.””

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Ep237 – Barclays Takeover!

In this episode

Barclays takeover! Over the years, Barclays have pioneered tech in financial services, from the first UK bank to launch the ATM, to their award-winning app. We sit down with four excellent guests, including CEO Ashok Vaswani, to discuss the impact of PSD2; the challenges and opportunities that come with being a 357-year-old bank; how to attract fresh talent in a world filled with tempting FinTech startups; and more.




“I’m hugely excited about it. I think, as a customer, it’s going to present me with completely different opportunities about how to manage my finances, and, as Barclays, we are right in at the heart of that, and helping that happen. I want to be confident that I can recommend to my friends and family that they should feel comfortable to move their data around, so we need to make sure that we’ve got customer protection at the core, so I feel safe, which means I can get all those great competitive advantages.” – Catherine McGrath

On omnichannel

“Customers never think of, “I want to go to a channel,” or, “I want to go omnichannel.” They’re saying, “I want to be served by Barclays.” That’s how people look at it, and that’s exactly our view. So the question for us is, how do you solve a customer need? And what is the need you are trying to solve for? It’s not about which channel you want customers to come to, it’s about what do they want? Is it convenient?” – Ruchir Rodrigues

On scale and risk taking

‘'I can count ten programmes where we’ve spent a lot of money on, and frankly they haven’t gone anywhere, right? Okay, we thought it was a great idea, we made a mistake, we drank a glass of water, it was over, we move to the next thing, right? I mean, the speed of change is so rapid that to think that everybody’s going to get everything right is foolhardy, right? So having the ability to actually do it, having a culture where everyone, as a team, we are committed, we are just absolutely committed to making this happen, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is. ' Ashok Vaswani

On looking outside of banking

“I think it’s as important to look at non-competitors, I saw WhatsApp launching p2p payments in India, Alibaba and what they’re doing […] in Asia and the APAC region, we have to not just look at banks. We have to look outside of industry and what’s going off, because that’s going to be more important, in my view, in the next five to ten years.” – Frankie Woodhead

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Ep236 – Hangover Deep

In this episode

The day after the 11:FS birthday bash, we get hangover deep on FinTech Insider News – misquoting American presidents and everything when discussing the U.S. Congress’ decision to let ISPs sell your web browsing history to anyone without permission.

“What’s interesting is that Facebook and Google, and especially Apple, have been pushing back on government requests for data quite publicly – and probably quite a bit more, privately.” Simon says. “Whereas the ISPs weren’t. The ISPs’ selling point here is, ‘Well, we’ve been selling you data forever on everything you want to see, give us this access and you’ll get to see everything you want to see on a terrorism standpoint.’ There’s an Abraham Lincoln quote, and I’m going to butcher it, but it’s something like, ‘If It’s liberty or security, I’d take liberty every single day,’ and I’d be willing to sacrifice a little bit of security for it. We seem to have lost that, in society, to a certain degree.”

Give us liberty or give us death (just to throw another American patriot into the mix).


Joining us for this week’s analysis of the news:

News this week

  1. Reuters - Financial institutions risk 24 percent revenue loss from FinTech: PwC - Link
  2. Finextra - FCA vows to tackle fraud on lost and stolen contactless cards - Link
  3. The Asian Age - Hackers use 'disappearing malware,' steal $800,000 from ATMs - Link
  4. Quartz - Set up a VPN in 10 minutes for free – and yes, Americans urgently need one, thanks to Congress - Link
  5. The Next Web - Amazon Cash eliminates need for bank cards - Link
  6. Finextra - Visa and top UK banks get behind launch of Amazon Business - Link
  7. TechCrunch - WhatsApp will reportedly launch peer-to-peer payments in India within 6 months - Link
  8. PYMNTS - Moblie wallet adoption: whare are we 2.5 years in? - Link
  9. Computer - OCBC Bank uses AI-powered chatbot to answer home and renovation loan queries - Link
  10. The Register - Banking group denied access to iPhones' NFC chips for alt.Apple.Pay - Link
  11. YouTube - Louis Cole - Bank Account Song - Link

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Ep235 - Alipay’s Rita Liu on Consumer Pain Points Driving Global Expansion

In this episode

Alipay dominates financial news. On FinTech Insider, we joke about creating a jingle for ‘Alipay does a thing.’ What’s really interesting to us about Alipay is the Ant Financial business model of ‘payments as a wedge product’ to drive other financial services. We talk to a lot of banks now that want to become marketplaces, having looked at Alibaba and Alipay as the model to copy. In this episode, Rita Liu, Head of Alipay Europe, Middle East, and Africa, talks to us about Alipay’s growth ambitions and why China is such an exciting region for FinTech and financial services.

“We have been active in the global market for a while, all driven by our consumers’ needs,” Rita says. “Alipay is the most popular online payment option for Chinese buyers. So we have been distributing Alipay as a payment option for ecommerce players outside of China.

“In China, mobile wallet has become an increasingly popular way to pay in the physical world, and that is driving us to do the same in the global market. We follow the Chinese tourists’ footprint in the world, to enable the merchants to be able to offer the same experience that our users can have in China while they travel. So that’s why we have started to develop merchant acceptance in the physical world, to accept Alipay.”

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Ep234 – RegTech Chaos Monkey

In this episode

RegTech is sexy. No, really, it is! RegTech goes beyond developing new technology to meet regulatory requirements – and it does more than save banks money. It’s about automating manual tasks and upskilling humans so their new work makes them feel valued. It’s about helping customers get better advice and service. It’s about making sure the business doesn’t come crashing down when the person in charge of the spreadsheet moves on.

In this episode of FinTech Insider, we’ve assembled an expert team to explain what RegTech is and how to take advantage of this opportunity –  and imperative – to transform your business (you’ll also learn about Jason’s regulation chaos monkey idea ????).


Enjoying FinTech Insider? Tell a friend about us and please leave us a review on iTunes. Consider it a birthday present to us – 11:FS turns 1 today! ????

Ep233 - Article 50: Signing the Divorce Papers

In this episode

Article 50. Well, we went through with it and signed the divorce papers. Does the triggering of Article 50 put FinTech at risk in the UK? On this episode of FinTech Insider News, you'll hear a range of opinions, from fear the UK is throwing away its work to lead the globe in FinTech, to optimism that London has the talent and regulatory regime to remain one of the world’s greatest cities. We also talk about BBVA joining Hyperledger; Alibaba and Tencent and the coming FinTech boom; and 11:FS celebrating its first birthday ????????????

As part of this milestone, we’ve officially launched 11:FS Pulse, our competitor insights research platform. We think you’ll love it.

Guests this week

News this week

  1. Crowdfund Insider - Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Innovate Finance, says triggering of Article 50 puts FinTech at risk - Link
  2. Parliament - Time to act on 'unacceptable' level of UK financial exclusion - Link
  3. Economist - An earthquake in European banking - Link
  4. Gizmodo - 5 reasons why the Home Secretary's proposed encryption ban is aggressively stupid - Link
  5. BBVA - BBVA joins Hyperledger, the top open-source blockchain community - Link
  6. LinkedIn - Making people a competitive advantage in a digital age - Link
  7. Venture Beat - Payments company Square launches in the U.K., its first European market and fifth globally - Link
  8. Barrons - Alibaba and Tencent and the coming FinTech Boom - Link
  9. Quartz - The world’s most secure coin debuts in the UK - Link

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Ollie Purdue

Ep232 - Loot CEO Ollie Purdue on Creating a New Banking Experience at Age 20

In this episode

What were you doing when you were 20 years old? Ollie Purdue was studying law...and founding a company to transform the banking experience. He didn't want to be a lawyer, or a banker, but he did want to solve a problem facing many students: budgeting and forecasting how much money they'll have and need every month.

"At the time I was studying, I kept getting really frustrated with my bank account. It was just unable to tell me basic things about money, and that’s, kind of, what a bank’s meant to do, right?" Ollie says. "My bank wouldn’t tell me, when I got paid, how long that money will last. It wouldn’t tell me where I can cut down on my spending, and it wouldn’t tell me if my spending’s normal. So I was in a position where I never really understood my money, and I just didn’t get it, and then I tried budgeting apps and things like that, and they were really clunky...So it became really clear that a bank needed to be much smarter with data, and present that in a better way, and that’s kind of where it started."

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Ep231 - Singapore FinTech - The Insider Scoop

In this episode

A lot has been happening in the Singapore FinTech scene recently. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is bound to invest more than $225 million Singapore dollars, or $158 million US dollars in FinTech by the end of 2020, and there’s a lot of hope that this can cut out costs from back office systems, and become truly transformational for the market and the region. In this episode, we take a step back, and, with help from FinTech experts in the field, paint a rich picture of what's happening in Singapore today.

Our guests

Anna Vanessa Haotanto, CEO of The New Savvy; Business Development Director at Tera Capital
Gerben Visser, Co-Founder of Singapore FinTech Consortium
Joe Seunghyun Cho, CEO at LATTICE80; Co-founder and Chairman at Marvelstone Group
Scott Bales, Managing Director at Innovation Labs Asia
Varun Mittal, Associate Director, Asia-Pacific FinTech at EY

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Ep230 - A Proper FinTech Geek Moment

In this episode

We're very excited about the launch of Clear Bank, the first clearing bank to be authorized in the UK for nearly 250 years. There’s been a lot of business model innovation at the front end - we’ve seen apps doing more convenient FX, more convenient remittance, we’ve even seen peer-to-peer payments, but nobody’s really attacked the rails.

"This is where I’m super excited to see FinTech go. This is a proper, proper geek moment," says guest Sarah Kocianski, Senior Research Analyst, FinTech, at Business Insider Intelligence. "There has been a lot of interesting stuff on personal finance management, consumer banks - that’s happened already - but for any kind of change to happen in the wider financial services ecosystem, those back ends have got to be updated. They’ve got to be upgraded. They’ve got to be using Cloud and API. That’s why this story really, really excites me. Because I think now we’ve got that key piece of the infrastructure. We can start to see movement. They’re not just looking to serve FinTechs. They’re going to try and serve the big guys, too. You can speed up your processes. You can innovate more easily if you connect with these guys."

Our guests

Alexander Ball, Managing Fintech Consultant at ING

News this week

    1. Finextra - Innovate Finance launches ambassador programme - Link
    2. City A.M. - House of Fraser owner Sanpower pulls investment in digital challenger bank Tandem - Link
    3. Bloomberg - Ant Financial said considering higher offer for MoneyGram - Link
    4. Business Insider - French officials are in London again wooing fintech and finance firms to Paris post-Brexit - Link
    5. Forbes - Digital disruption has arrived in FinTech - Link
    6. City A.M. FinTech startup and challenger bank Revolut's launching an Amazon Prime-style subscription for banking - Link
    7. banking technology - Bank of England teams with Ripple for cross-border payments - Link
    8. Reuters - Goldman building robo-adviser to give investment advice to the masses - Link
    9. Bank Innovation - Watson tools are coming to FinTech developers - Link
    10.  ZDNet - Westpac Keyboard launches through Facebook, Twitter - Link 
    11. BBC - Mountain man: The bank boss who reached the top aged 33 - Link

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Ep229 - 10x CEO Antony Jenkins on Startup Life and the Future of Banking

In this episode

Antony Jenkins, former CEO of Barclays, has spent 35 years working in large financial services institutions. He says that it struck him that, although there's a lot of technology in banks, it doesn't help much when it comes to improving the customer experience or lowering costs, and it hasn't improved the reputation of banks within society. He founded 10x to create a new banking experience — one that is more diverse, open, and fair. In this episode, he talks to us about his new company, the future of banking, and the transition from running one of the biggest banks in the world to founding a startup.

"When I left Barclays, I began to look at what was happening, not only in the FinTech scene, but also with the underlying technologies. I became convinced that there was an opportunity to create the beginnings of a very different way of doing banking," Antony says. "We set up 10x to deliver the capability to do that. It's basically a full set of capabilities that a bank would need to operate. I like to think of it as providing better functionality than a neobank at lower cost than a big bank, and in a much more transparent way. That’s what we’re building at 10x."

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Ep228 - Challenger Banks: The Battle Begins

In this episode

We’ve brought together some of our favourite folks from the world of FinTech challenger banks. In this episode, we talk to Starling, Fidor, and Loot about their business models, who their customers are, and how they’re using technology and data to provide a great customer experience. We also discuss the challenges they’re facing, what agile really means, and what’s coming up for them in 2017. Enjoy the show!

Our guests

Megan Caywood, the Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank
Sophie Guibaud, the Vice President of European Expansion at Fidor
Ollie Purdue, Founder and CEO at Loot

“We like to spend a lot of time talking with our customers,” Megan says, “not just usability sessions, but chatting with them and understanding how they’re currently using their banking products and where those pain points are. What we hear time and again is that what they’re used to expecting –  seamlessness and ease of use from other apps and products – just isn’t what they see from their bank.”

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Ep227 - Tantric Blockchain and Other FinTech Fun

In this episode

On this episode of FinTech Insider we cover all sorts of intrigue, from money laundering, to tantric blockchain, to narcotics. Of course, we also analyze the latest FinTech headlines so you don't have to, and interview some of our favourite folks at solarisBank and Penta. Thank you to our guests for another fun episode.

Our guests

Monty Munford, writer for The Economist, BBC, Forbes, and Fast Company, and Founder of Mob76
Megan Caywood, Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank
Sophie Guibaud, Vice President European Expansion at Fidor 

News stories

    1. Forbes - Meet The European banks of the future...you might even like them - Link
    2. Business Insider - German FinTech startup solarisBank raises €26.3 million and lands Deutsche Bank exec as CEO - Link
    3. Pymnts - Penta launches to help SMEs cherry-pick banking services - Link
    4. Mastercard - Prepaid card programmes in France (no link)
    5. Independent - Banks are getting bigger, not smaller. Clearly they learnt nothing from the 2008 financial crisis - Link
    6. FT - Lloyds to transfer 1,900 staff to IBM in IT outsourcing deal - Link
    7. City A.M. - Digital challenger Starling Bank is launching in beta - Link
    8. Quartz - The influence of Uber ratings is about to be felt in the hallways of one of the world’s largest banks - Link 

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Ep226 - FCA Policy Director David Geale on the Thought Behind the Regulatory Sandbox

In this episode

The  Financial Conduct Authority’s progressive regulatory policies have been credited with helping to make London one of the world's finest FinTech centres. In episode 126 of FinTech Insider, we spoke with several participants of the FCA's regulatory sandbox, created as a ‘safe space’ for startups and companies to test ideas before becoming fully regulated. In this episode, we interview FCA Policy Director David Geale on the thought behind the sandbox, and more. Enjoy the show!

"The sandbox is there for firms who really need to test in a live environment," David says. "The example I often give is around disclosure. If I actually present something to you and say, 'This is the current disclosure, here’s a new version, which one of these do you prefer? Which one of these do you understand?' well, to a degree, that’s cheating. It’s better than nothing in terms of testing, but you’ve cheated, because you’ve got people to read it in the first place, and that’s generally the core challenge, is getting people to engage, getting people to read. So if you can test that in a live environment, and say, 'Okay, we know what you would have had, now what’s the difference in actual behaviour with this new form,' or new style, maybe digital disclosure, for example, you can actually really see the impact of the results."

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Ep225 - Rotten to the Core Banking

In this episode

Technology is failing banking. Bankers know what a great customer experience should look like, but they're often prevented from delivering on that due to ancient legacy systems. And as long as they operate in a cobbled environment with 1,000 subsystems, they will never have a truly digital bank. Meaning they can't compete with the banks that will win in the future. But don't despair. Our guests discuss the steps to take to create a state-of-the-art core banking system that can deliver next-gen solutions.

Our guests

Mark Warrick, Director of Creative & Design at Thought Machine
Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos
Conor Fennelly, CEO at Leveris

"The nature of this problem is systemic, it’s not symptomatic," Conor says. "Banks are not afraid to invest in their technology. In fact, they invest massively in technology. The real issue is that it’s not effective spend, and the real problem facing most CEOs or boardrooms in banks is the risk associated with making the move.

"Banks are not monolithic systems, they’re made up of hundreds of subsystems. If you want to make a change in those subsystems, you’ve got to regress your testing through the entire environment. That’s the reason why 80% of your cost is in running the bank, and only 20% can be in change. In fact, it’s probably more exaggerated than that. If you want to make a change, you’ve got to build an architecturally superior system."

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Ep224 - Taking the Bull by the Horns

In this episode

Taking the bull by the horns. We absolutely loved the statue that Wall Street fund manager State Street installed as part of International Women's Day. A bronze girl faces the bull of Wall Street as part of a campaign to encourage companies to put more women on their boards. FinTech Insider co-host Simon Taylor saw a second message in the symbolism: State Street will protect your money, standing up to the scary market without fear. Another best-in-class example of good marketing this week: the customer communications that came out of the FinTech firms' outage. Monzo, Loot, and other companies got a thumbs up from customers for the transparent way they managed the issue. Hear all about this and more on this week's FinTech Insider News.

Guests this week

Andra Sonea - Fellow at Anthemis Group
Jeff Tijssen - Head of FinTech & Digital Partnerships at Capco
Ali Paterson - Editor in Chief at Fintech Finance

In the news this week

    1. City A.M. - More than half a dozen fintech firms hit by outage - Link 
    2. Coindesk - Dubai Claims title of world capital of blockchain and DLT link
    3. Coin Desk - Texas lawmaker proposes constitutional right to own bitcoin - Link
    4. Business Insider - The US government is defending its FinTech charter - Link
    5. Reuters - Canadian regulator says open data essential to fintech - Link
    6. FT - China overtakes eurozone as world’s biggest bank system - Link
    7. Forbes - The effect of travel bans on FinTech - Link
    8. Wired - UK banks fund £5m FinTech prize to build apps for small businesses - Link
    9. Entrepreneur - How FinTech and payments innovations will disrupt global ecommerce - Link
    10. Reuters - On Women's Day eve, statue of girl stares down Wall Street bull - Link
    11. Business Insider - The 9 best paying jobs in British FinTech  Link

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Ep223 - WeChat Africa CEO Brett Loubser on the Power of the Platform

In this episode

As CEO of WeChat Africa, Brett Loubser's role is to leverage the WeChat platform to the greatest extent possible in Africa. However, the market conditions in this continent are completely different from China. A focus on a chat app didn't make sense for Africa, given the significant competitor products. Instead, Brett and his team focused on 'the absolute power of the platform.' In this episode of FinTech Insider, Brett shares great examples of how working with partner companies has proven to be such a great business model.

"Our first major push into showcasing the power and potential of WeChat as a platform was the launch of Cliff Central," Brett says. "We worked with a very bright young chap by the name of Gareth Cliff, who is one of the biggest media personalities in South Africa. At the time, he was the most popular radio DJ on the biggest free-to-air radio station in the country. He was looking to launch something of his own, and so we launched a digital radio station along with him on our platform. And that worked incredibly well because, not only was there the obvious benefit of partnering up with somebody who had a huge personal brand in South Africa, but also the benefits of showcasing digital radio being delivered on a chat platform was stopping people in their tracks."

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Ep222 - FinTech Out of Africa

In this episode

FinTech isn’t disrupting the financial industry in Africa – it's building it across the continent. And because it's being building without much legacy, by default it's digital as a platform. In this episode of FinTech Insider Insights, we'll shine a light on some great FinTech stories coming out of Africa, including approaches and ideas that incumbent institutions will find incredibly useful.

Our guests

Gerhard Coetzee, Lead Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP
Lesley-Ann Vaughan, M-PESA Co-Creator
Ron Webb, Director of Financial Services at Safaricom
Brett Loubser, CEO at WeChat Africa

"I'm extremely excited by how we’re going to see an increasing daily relevance of payments in people’s lives," Ron says. "P2P transactions have been hugely important, and have been the bedrock of what M-PESA became. But you only send money P2P to your relatives, or people that you’re supporting, on a periodic basis. But you do merchant payments every single day – and many of them – and the increasing use of e-value in those day-to-day payments will increase daily relevance and create even more opportunity."

11:FS blog posts mentioned in this podcast

Banking APIs Aren’t about Tech or Banking
11 Banks and FinTechs Doing APIs Better Than You

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Ep221 - Orange is the New Bank

In this episode

Is PSD2 an opportunity or a headache for banks? FinTech Insider News guest Ben Robinson says we're still underestimating the magnitude of what the regulators are asking banks to do, "which is basically to put their inventory online. Asking banks to give up their transactional data is like asking Google to give up its metadata.  You can see why banks wouldn’t want to."

Also in the news, Monzo's crowdfunding (and outage); our new favorite rap song; and Orange is the new bank.


Christopher Burniske, Blockchain Products Lead at ARK INVEST
Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Temenos

News this week

  • Finextra - EBA to relax controversial PSD2 authentication rules - Link 
  • Finextra - Brits warm to mobile tap and pay - Link
  • Finextra - Singapore commuters can now tap-and-pay for their fares with Mastercard - Link
  • JP Morgan, Intel, Microsoft join Ethereum Blockchain Alliance Link
  • 11FS - 11 things your CIO needs to know about blockchain today - Link
  •  FT - Top bank executives required to vouch for cyber attack defenses - Link 
  •  Level39 - Yielders makes history: The first UK Shariah compliant Fintech company based at Level39 - Link
  • The Register - Telco Orange to open bank next month - Link
  • Finextra - Monzo blows past £2.5 million crowdfunding target - Link
  • Atlanta Constitution Journal - Rapper’s money saving advice goes viral - Link

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Ep220 - Blythe Masters on Blockchain's Once in a Generation Opportunity

In this episode

Blythe Masters spent 27 years at JP Morgan in a variety of roles, including running the global commodities business, working in structured credit and fixed income markets, and serving as CFO of JP Morgan’s global investment bank. After leaving in 2014, she planned on taking a year off, but then blockchain caught her eye and she joined Digital Asset, where she's CEO. In this interview, Blythe describes their technology as blockchain-inspired, explains what this means, and shares what Digital Asset is working on.

"This is a once in a generation opportunity to fundamentally change the way the financial market infrastructure works," Blythe says, "and that is for the greater good of everybody."

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Ep219 - CIO Special: How to Change Your Culture

In this episode

When it comes to innovation, can big, established banks compete with agile startups? Culture is the major barrier to digital transformation for larger organizations, so we talked to execs at the Global CIO Banking Summit to get their insight. Stay tuned for actionable examples on how to change your culture, how to measure this, and where to look for inspiration.

"At DBS, we gave up our training budget of sending executives to fancy business schools and have started putting them through hackathon experiences," says Paul Cobban, COO, Technology & Operations at DBS Bank. "You take these guys and you give them three days of digital exposure, and then for two days they work with a real startup on a real problem. So you get the stodgy banker meets the 22-year-old coder, and the stodgy banker says, “Let me tell you how this is going to be,” and then the 22-year-old coder says, “I don’t think so,” and so you go through this storming, norming, performing cycle in about half an hour, and then they’re going to get on and do some real stuff."


Mark de Munk, MD & CIO, International Wealth Management IT Solutions & Products at Credit Suisse
Ricardo Rola, EMEIA CIO at Itau BBA
Paul Cobban, COO, Technology & Operations at DBS Bank
Adrian Samareanu, Global CIO & VP, Operational Excellence at Volvo

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Ep218 – Robots Have Feelings, Too

In this episode

Bill Gates wants a robot tax to compensate for job losses; Liverpool launches its own local currency; Atom Bank hires will.i.am as a banking consultant; and more.


Alessandro Hatami, Managing Partner at The Pacemakers
Andra Sonea, Fellow at the Anthemis Group

News this week

  • Business Insider – Will.i.am is reportedly doing a deal with app-only bank Atom that could see the singer invest – Link
  • NYTimes – Silicon Valley tried to upend banks. Now it works with them. – Link
  • FT – The trouble with ‘free’ banking for challenger lenders – Link
  • Finextra – RBS to become fintech fund and high street outlet for challenger banks under HMT remedy – Link
  • Standard Digital – Banks take on M-Pesa with own money transfer service – Link
  • Bloomberg – Facebook Messenger now lets you send money with Transferwise – Link
  • PSFK – Liverpool receives its own digital currency – Link
  • Engadget – Bill Gates wants a robot tax to compensate for job losses – Link
  • Forbes – Why Ant Financial’s $200M investment In Kakao could disrupt South Korean FinTech – Link
  • Business Insider – Moneyfarm will likely see reasonable uptake of its products from Uber drivers – Link

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Ep217 – EY’s James Lloyd: China’s Not Just Mobile First – Often It’s Mobile Only

In this episode

We talk to James Lloyd about the incredible FinTech innovation and uptake happening not only in China, but across Asia. James is the Asia-Pacific FinTech Leader at EY, and our point of reference for most of the phenomenal stats coming out of the region. Did you know that during Chinese New Year – which is only 6 days – 46 billion transactions happened on WeChat alone? That’s 46 billion “red packets” – the money you send as gifts. 46 billion!

“In London, getting access to a bank account or a credit card or a basic investment or savings product is relatively straightforward,” James says. “In China, traditionally the banks have focused on supporting corporates and state-owned enterprises. So there has been this unmet need, this market gap, that the big technology players have really moved pretty aggressively to fill.”

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Ep216 – The First 5 Steps to Transform Your Bank

Our mantra is digital banking is only 1% finished, and people usually react in two ways to this. Either they believe banking has got miles to go when it comes to tech advancements, or they think digital is merely a way to distribute analogue products. At 11:FS, we believe we’ve got 99% to go, and we’re really excited about the future of banking. But how do we get there? At a recent event in Oulu, Finland, 11:FS CEO David Brear shared the first 5 steps to transform your bank. Watch the video.

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Ep215 – Cookies, Funny Money & What if Amazon Buys Capital One?

In this episode

Amazon is looking to buy Capital One, or so goes the rumour. It’s been predicted for a long time that Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon would get into financial services, but Amazon is the only one of those companies that specifically needs a payments facility in their core business. James Arscott, CCO of invstr, joins us to discuss this and other headlines, including bitcoin going from funny money to something legit in Japan.

We also talk to TrueLayer CEO Francesco Simoneschi on banks becoming software companies; to BBVA Open Innovation Manager Marisol Menendez about BBVA’s competition to find a new model for low interest rate banking; and BodeTree CEO Chris Myers about the three steps FinTechs need to take to survive.

News this week

  1. Business Insider – Innovative app-only banks are doing something old fashioned — lending money – Link
  2. The Telegraph – Co-op Bank puts itself up for sale as it braces for another ‘significant’ loss – Link
  3. Level39 – L39 API member TrueLayer comes out of stealth; secures $1.3m funding –
  4. Nikkei Asian Review – Japanese megabanks raise bets on fintech – Link
  5. Finextra – BBVA seeks new model for low interest rate banking – Link
  6. Telegraph – Pay as you speak: Santander revamps voice banking app – Link
  7. Banking Technology – Amazon looking to buy Capital One? – Link
  8. Finextra – Australian banks fight back over Apple Pay ‘fantasy’ claims – Link
  9. International Business Times – Apple, Facebook and Amazon primed for PSD2 demolition of the card networks – Link
  10. Forbes – 3 Steps Fintech Companies Need To Take In Order To Survive – Link
  11. Medium – Get paid to read email from outside your network with a 21 profile – Link

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Ep214 – Monzo: The First Truly Digital Bank

In this episode

When most banks are bribing people to join with £100 or a Rihanna CD, Monzo is doing the opposite: building a bank customers love, involving them in its development, and being so amazing the network blows up like Facebook. Monzo, the bank that broke Crowdcube, now has more than 100,000 customers. Next milestone: 1 million. Here’s how they’ll do it.

“We’re trying to build the first bank with real network effect. Skype is a great example. The more people you bring onto Skype, the more people you can call,” Tom says. “How did Instagram or Snapchat or Facebook grow? It wasn’t marketing. It was an amazing product with true network effect. We’re trying to learn those lessons. 85 or 90% of our new signups come through referral.”

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Ep213 – Bank Business Models: The Last Bastion of Innovation

In this episode

Innovation isn’t having an app – it’s having a new business model. Yet for banks, business models are one of the hardest things to innovate around. We discuss what’s broken with traditional bank business models, and how to create new ones, with two people who know best: Tom Blomfield, CEO of Monzo, and Dora Ziambra, Head of Business Development at Azimo.

“For me, and many people in the industry, being a marketplace bank is the future,” Tom says. “It’s a customer interface that acts as a platform for all of your financial problems. So a single interface that gives you access to the Azimos and the Funding Circles and the Transferwises, with a delightful, one-click user experience, but still giving you the benefits of that choice and that customer service. So, sort of, looser recoupling around APIs.”

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Listener offer: for a 30% discount on Innovate Finance Global Summit tickets, register using the discount code FinTechInsider. The event will be held April 10-11 in London.

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Ep212 – News: Is FinTech Failing? Dodd-Frank. And Everything Goes Back to Cannabis.

In this episode

Is FinTech failing? We discuss this clickbait-y headline which made the rounds recently. We also talk to Lawrence Wintermeyer, CEO of Innovate Finance, to get insight on their latest report that says investment in UK FinTech startups dropped by 33.7% in 2016. Other news: WeChat to (see what we did there? ? James Lloyd,  Asia-Pacific FinTech Leader at EY, about the 46 billion digital red packets WeChat users sent over Lunar New Year; and Anna Irrera, a journalist at Reuters, updates us on what’s happening with Dodd-Frank.

News this week

  1. Tech City News – Investment in UK FinTech startups ‘drops by 33.7% in 2016′ – Link
  2. The 2016 VC FinTech Investment Landscape by Innovate Finance Innovate Finance’s Global Summit is April 10-11 in London. FinTech Insider will be recording there, and FinTech Insider listeners get a 30% discount if they register for tickets using the discount code FinTechInsider.
  3. Coin Telegraph – Switzerland Set to Ease Finance Regulations, Support Blockchain Innovation – Link
  4. Reuters – WeChat Users Send 46 billion digital red packets over Lunar New Year – Link
  5. technode – How Chinese Mobile Payments are Quietly Conquering the World – Link
  6. Forbes – 3 Reasons Fintech Is Failing – Link
  7. Wall Street Journal – Fintech Startups Want to Save One Key Page of Dodd-Frank – Link
  8. Business Insider – 19 Laptops Containing Customer Information Have Been Stolen from FinTech Company GoCardless – Link
  9. efinancial careers – Five Crazy Start-Up Ideas in FinTech now – Link
  10. Finovate 2017 Winners

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Ep211 – Token CEO Steve Kirsch

In this episode

Serial tech entrepreneur Steve Kirsch (@stkirsch) has founded seven companies and earned a name for himself as the inventor of the optical mouse. Today he’s CEO of Token, a global open API banking platform.

Steve says that, historically, banks have operated on limited hours. Central banks have similar systems to be compatible, which has led to architectures that are nowhere near as complex as doing real-time systems. But then internet came along and changed people’s expectations.

“Now banks sort of have to be open 24/7, and yet the underlying systems haven’t caught up with that,” Steve says. “And so the challenge is to create technology that can layer on top of the existing banking system that would enable people to have the level of service that they expect, and yet not disrupt things below the decks. It’s almost like putting a modern façade on top of an old cruise ship. That’s essentially what we’ve done. [If] we need more engine power, we call down through certain interfaces and say, ‘Can you do this service for us?’ and they say, ‘Yes, the answer is this.’ But as far as everybody on the top deck is concerned, it looks like they’re on a totally modern cruise ship.”

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Ep210 – Rainmaking Summit: Show Me How to Innovate

In this episode

Liz Lumley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Rainmaking, says a woman approached her at one of their events recently and said, “I’m here because I get told all the time: You need to work with startups, and then no one tells me how.” The Rainmaking Summit was designed to give people like her the tools they need to make innovation happen. Straight talk. No bullshit. We sit down with key participants in London to get the lowdown.

“We need to move from ROI to R&D,” says Nektarios Liolios, CEO & Co-Founder, Startupbootcamp FinTech. “R&D implies failure. It implies experimentation, and just keep trying, keep trying until it works, right? Having been in the financial industry for nearly 20 years now, we don’t have that. There is no concept of building product, or doing anything, with an R&D mentality. Whereas any other industry has that.”


  • Liz Lumley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership, Rainmaking @LizLum
  • Will Bentinck, Head of Careers, Makers Academy @isoworg
  • Nektarios Liolios, CEO & Co-Founder, Startupbootcamp FinTech @nekliolios
  • Jennifer Rosen, Founder & CEO of JnR Communications

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Ep209 – Should UK Prepare for FinTech Exodus?; China Tests Digital Currency

In this episode

How do I change my culture? And what the hell happens to all those bank fines?! Our guest Richard Peers, Director of Financial Services at Microsoft (@Peerster), joins us to discuss these hot issues as part of our weekly roundup of FinTech Insider News.

Digital DNA is radically different from legacy culture, and that needs to change, Richard says. To make digital transformation happen, technology is not enough. You have to have the right culture. It’s hearts and minds and empowering people.  It’s not a quick fix, which many people are looking for.

Deutsche was recently fined over money laundering claims – but where the hell do these fines go and what’s the politics behind it? How can bitcoin prevent money laundering?

What are the new business models we need? Can we serve markets in new ways? Can we make money from data? It’s often a defensive conversation, it’s time for banks to go on the offense and look at open banking as a good thing, Richard says.

News this week

  1. Telegraph – Fintech ‘boom’ risks fresh ‘bust’ if left unchecked, warns Carney – Link
  2. Scalable Capital – An open letter to Mark Carney on robo advice – Link
  3. BBC – Deutsche Bank fined by regulators over money laundering claims – Link
  4. Yahoo Finance – Neo and challenger bank customer base to grow by 50.6%, globally, by 2020 – Link
  5. FT – The UK should prepare for an exodus of fintech experts – Link
  6. Finextra – Chinese central bank tests digital currency system – Link
  7. Acumin – Details come to light after Lloyds’ cyber attack – Link
  8. BBC – Savings protection limit raised – Link
  9. Finextra – CMA issues final order on open banking – Link
  10. Telegraph – Which country is the most corrupt in the world – and where does Britain rank? – Link

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Ep208 – Sir Mark Walport, UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science

In this episode

Sir Mark Walport (@uksciencechief), UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser and Head of the Government Office for Science, says his job is to advise the government on policy for all aspects of science, engineering, technology, and social science. In a delightful interview with 11:FS Co-Founder Simon Taylor, he discusses artificial intelligence, ethics and technology, data and privacy, and more.

“There are many other areas where industry has the potential to progress faster if they work together in a pre-competitive environment.  Of course, one of the issues is around the sharing of data,” he says. “It’s possible to share data in ways that don’t threaten the integrity of businesses.  That’s about defining access and giving people access in a way that critically protects privacy.”

Thank you to Paul Aldrich (@DrPAldrich), Lead Partner of Financial Services Technology at Odgers Berndtson, for inviting us to CityVison2030 where we interviewed Sir Mark.

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Ep207 – PFM: Don’t Call it a Comeback

In this episode

Is PFM dead? Invisible? Or has Personal Financial Management evolved from data-driven piecharts to something more useful?

Joining us for today’s deep dive on PFM and Digital Money Management are:

  • Frankie Woodhead, Director of Commercial & Channels at Barclays @FTWoodhead
  • Victor Trokoudes, Founder of Plum, the first Facebook bot for automated savings @vmtrok
  • Pau Velando, GM at Strands Finance @Pau4ir

“For us, it’s about taking information, and transforming that information to give relevant services at the right time,” Frankie says. “It’s very easy to say, ‘You’ve overdrawn, sorry.’ What we like to do is think a week ahead. Things like Netflix, which is generally a monthly subscription, comes in a certain way. What we’ve tried to do is second-guess if that payment is going to happen. Like, ‘FYI, your Netflix of £9.99 is due to come out in four days.  You might need to think about doing something different about [your spending].”

“The old way to consume PFM was based on charts,” Pau says. “You’ve got the pie chart, you’ve got the bar chart, the trend line telling about how your categories were instead of mixing your expenses. Today, PFM is used to trigger banking processes, to trigger a loan, to trigger a credit card subscription, to trigger a savings goal, to move some money apart.  The system is understanding how you are moving your money and how you are spending it. We’re talking about invisible PFM.  Those mobile banking apps are powered by data.  You don’t necessarily need to see it but it’s there.”

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Ep206 – Trump’s New Deal for Britain, Ant Financial Goes Global

In this episode

News, glorious news! We’ve switched up the format of the show in season 2. Every Monday, we’ll bring you FinTech Insider News, a show dedicated exclusively to the latest FinTech and financial services headlines. Wednesday features FinTech Insider Insights, where we’ll continue to bring on experts to discuss digital banking, new business models, APIs, and all the other areas that matter to our industry. And on Fridays, with FinTech Insider Interviews, we’ll continue to share the individual stories of people making the biggest impact in FinTech and financial services.


  • Frankie Woodhead, Director, Commercial & Channels at Barclays – @FTWoodhead
  • Alessandro Hatami, Managing Partner at The Pacemakers – @ahatami

News this week

  1. The Telegraph – Donald Trump plans new deal for Britain – Link
  2. Pascal Bouvier – The Passporting Gambit – Link
  3. Pyments – MiSys aims to kill P2P lending / alternative lending – Link
  4. Business Insider – Siemens partners with Scalable Capital – Link
  5. Reuters – Tencent, Hillhouse Capital take stakes in Aviva Hong Kong – Link
  6. Finextra – China’s Ant Financial goes global in bid for two billion users in 10 years – Link
  7. Ant Financial – MoneyGram Agrees to Merge with Ant Financial – Link
  8. The Register – Lloyds Bank outage: DDoS is prime suspect – Link
  9. Hacker group claims responsibility for Lloyds with ransom demands – Link
  10. Finextra – UK banks strike branch banking deal with Post Office – Link
  11. CNBC – Deutsche Bank’s CEO says technology will be key to banking in the next five years – Link

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Ep205 – Tandem CEO Ricky Knox and CCO Ruth Handcock

In this episode

Tandem CEO Ricky Knox says banking should feel effortless, as easy as listening to Spotify. He shares how Tandem is building this kind of digital bank, and how his previous startups, including Small World Financial Services and Azimo, led him to where he is today. Tandem is the second digital bank in the UK to get its banking license, and recently received a £35 million investment from House of Fraser.

“We really want to build banking as a service, or banking as a solution, in the same way that I now listen to Spotify,” Ricky says. “I don’t have a buying experience anymore…I can have music in every room.  It should feel a little bit like that to do your banking.  It shouldn’t be any effort.”

You’ll also hear from Chief Customer Officer Ruth Handcock, who says her job is listening to customers, then translating that into what Tandem is building.

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Ep204 – Tandem Takeover! Building a Digital Bank that Advocates for Customers

In this episode

Tandem Takeover! We talk to the team building ‘a new kind of bank’ about how you can be digital and still be very human, how to recruit at a startup, the future of banking, how to be truly agile, how to advocate for customers, and more.


  • Ricky Knox, CEO @rickykno
  • Ruth Handcock, Chief Customer Officer @RuthHandcock
  • Nick Perrett, Chief Product Officer

“A good bank feels like a bank that actually has your back, that therefore is making decisions in your interest, much like your doctor might or a good friend might,” says Tandem CEO Ricky Knox. “How does that translate into a product and how do we build banking that fits seamlessly around your life, pulls out all the hassle, and answers the requirements you might have for borrowing or lending on an automated basis? The first step in that is owning and understanding the data surrounding your financial services life and relationship. Pulling that data together and forming that holistic picture of how the person’s finances are evolving, and what their financial needs are at any one time, is a really key part of our proposition.”

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Ep203 – Lesley-Ann Vaughan, Co-Creator of M-PESA; Director of MiLA Consulting

In this episode

Lesley-Anne Vaughan, Director of MiLA Consulting and Co-Creator of M-PESA, talks to us about how she helped develop the famed mobile money transfer service in Kenya. M-Pesa lets customers use their phone to deposit and transfer money from one person to another without using a bank account. It works using a network of thousands of stores, where the cash agent network does debits and credits.

“In 2007 we launched M-Pesa as a live service, but in 2005 the original product was microfinance,” Lesley-Anne says. “We were solving a painpoint of how do we get microfinance to be more effective, more efficient, more cheaply administered.”

Since 2005, Lesley Anne has been dedicated to mobile money and mobile financial services in emerging markets. The incredible work she did to build and launch M-PESA earned her name on the patent, which is pretty amazing!

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