Ep. 266. Insights - RFI Global Banking Summit

In this episode:

We bring you the highlights from the RFI global banking summit where we were lucky enough to speak to a variety of different guests, on a range of topics.

First up, Aden spoke with Louise Beaumont, Co-Chair at Open Bank Working Group, to talk about all things open banking, before he dived into a chat with regular FinTech Insider guest Ghela Boskovich.

Later on he chats to Luis Rodriguez, VP Strands Lab and Ricky Knox, founder of Tandem.

Later on, Simon Taylor takes the reigns as he chats with Mike Kelly, the Founder of Curl, Jesse McWaters of the World Economic Forum, Charles Green, CEO of RFi Group, the host of the event, and Yarrick, CEO of NBank.



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Ep 262. State of Fintech: Amsterdam

In this episode

Jason and Simon catch up with ABN AMRO’s Freek de Steenwinkel & Roland Booijen, and Ali Niknam, CEO of Dutch challenger bank, Bunq to discuss traditional banking vs challenger banks and fintech in the Netherlands. Are fintechs competing with incumbents or assisting incumbents?

They find out how our guests feel about hackathons, hiring developer talent, APIs and the up-coming PSD2 directive. They also discuss regulations, compliance and new product development, in particular ABN AMRO's Tikkie - an easy-to-use payment management tool, allowing peer to peer transfers via WhatsApp.

Freek, Roland and Ali also give their predictions on the future of the Dutch fintech market as a whole, and its impact on existing banks and financial products.


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Ep. 260 - Blockchain Special Part 3: EEA and ZCash - Open Blockchains for Enterprise?

In this episode

In the third of our three part Blockchain Special, Simon and Colin are joined by some very special guests to discuss EEA, ZCash and the potential similarities between blockchain and the rise of cryptocurrencies and the dot-com bubble in the 90s, and asks the question: “Why should we be paying attention?”. They also debate the anonymity of blockchain and user privacy; and centralisation vs decentralisation in blockchain APIs - do we still need the middle man?

In the second half they discuss highly topical news stories such as the EU’s pledge to invest in blockchain research and Theresa May’s proposal for greater internet security and access to public data - is she asking for the impossible? 

Like what you heard? Look out for Blockchain Insider - a dedicated podcast to all things blockchain, coming soon!


  • Jack Gavigan - COO at Z-Cash (The Zerocoin Electric Coin Company)
  • Alex Batlin - Co-Founder at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Global Head of Emerging Business & Technology and Global Blockchain Lead at BNY Mellon

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Ep257 - Blockchain Special Part 2: Consensus Recap

In this episode


Part 2 of our Blockchain Special, Simon and Colin with a roster of fascinating guests focus on the recent Consensus conference. We cover what the conference is, who should be attending and where it means to the industry. We give you a crash course on the difference between cryptocurrencies and DLT, what the main impacts ledger technology will have on banks and what is causing the major spikes in crypto currency prices right now.

Stay tuned in for our final part next week.


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Ep254 - Blockchain Special Part 1: Tokens

In this episode

As crypto currency interest and prices reach an all time high Simon and Colin bring you the first of a three part special on Blockchain. We delve into the hurricane of news that surfaced this week talking all time high prices, Bitcoin's effect on national security and the CFTC's foray into the blockchain.

In our second half tokens and ICO's are on the table as we explain what exactly an ICO is, what tokens are, what industries are reacting and why you should be paying attention.

Keep an eye out for part 2 next week!



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Ep251 - Fintech For The Average Joe

In this episode

On this week's Insights show we delve deep into the world of consumer Fintech. We speak with the best in the business on how Fintech compares with other technology developments like fitness and communication and what Fintech looks like as people integrate it into their lives.

We find out what it takes to get people to try something new and whether Fintechs can be trustworthy compared to incumbent banks. All this and more on Fintech for The Average Joe


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Ep246 - Finding Blockchain's Feet

In this episode

Simon and David sit down with Richard and Maya to discuss the state of the Blockchain. We explore where we are with blockchain and ledger tech, blockchain awareness in the workplace and how we are moving from understanding the technology to applying it in real business situations.

We dive deep on whether blockchain can be applied to KYC and whether maybe sometimes a centralised API might be a better idea than a decentralised blockchain.


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Ep240 – Innovate Finance – THE Global Summit of FinTech

In this episode

We’re at the 2017 Innovate Finance Global Summit, one of the most prestigious conferences for the financial technology industry. This annual event provides a platform that convenes the world’s global institutions together with startups, policy makers and investors to share ideas and solutions to the challenges facing financial services.


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Ep237 – Barclays Takeover!

In this episode

Barclays takeover! Over the years, Barclays have pioneered tech in financial services, from the first UK bank to launch the ATM, to their award-winning app. We sit down with four excellent guests, including CEO Ashok Vaswani, to discuss the impact of PSD2; the challenges and opportunities that come with being a 357-year-old bank; how to attract fresh talent in a world filled with tempting FinTech startups; and more.




“I’m hugely excited about it. I think, as a customer, it’s going to present me with completely different opportunities about how to manage my finances, and, as Barclays, we are right in at the heart of that, and helping that happen. I want to be confident that I can recommend to my friends and family that they should feel comfortable to move their data around, so we need to make sure that we’ve got customer protection at the core, so I feel safe, which means I can get all those great competitive advantages.” – Catherine McGrath

On omnichannel

“Customers never think of, “I want to go to a channel,” or, “I want to go omnichannel.” They’re saying, “I want to be served by Barclays.” That’s how people look at it, and that’s exactly our view. So the question for us is, how do you solve a customer need? And what is the need you are trying to solve for? It’s not about which channel you want customers to come to, it’s about what do they want? Is it convenient?” – Ruchir Rodrigues

On scale and risk taking

‘'I can count ten programmes where we’ve spent a lot of money on, and frankly they haven’t gone anywhere, right? Okay, we thought it was a great idea, we made a mistake, we drank a glass of water, it was over, we move to the next thing, right? I mean, the speed of change is so rapid that to think that everybody’s going to get everything right is foolhardy, right? So having the ability to actually do it, having a culture where everyone, as a team, we are committed, we are just absolutely committed to making this happen, so we’re putting our money where our mouth is. ' Ashok Vaswani

On looking outside of banking

“I think it’s as important to look at non-competitors, I saw WhatsApp launching p2p payments in India, Alibaba and what they’re doing […] in Asia and the APAC region, we have to not just look at banks. We have to look outside of industry and what’s going off, because that’s going to be more important, in my view, in the next five to ten years.” – Frankie Woodhead

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Ep234 – RegTech Chaos Monkey

In this episode

RegTech is sexy. No, really, it is! RegTech goes beyond developing new technology to meet regulatory requirements – and it does more than save banks money. It’s about automating manual tasks and upskilling humans so their new work makes them feel valued. It’s about helping customers get better advice and service. It’s about making sure the business doesn’t come crashing down when the person in charge of the spreadsheet moves on.

In this episode of FinTech Insider, we’ve assembled an expert team to explain what RegTech is and how to take advantage of this opportunity –  and imperative – to transform your business (you’ll also learn about Jason’s regulation chaos monkey idea ????).


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Ep231 - Singapore FinTech - The Insider Scoop

In this episode

A lot has been happening in the Singapore FinTech scene recently. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) is bound to invest more than $225 million Singapore dollars, or $158 million US dollars in FinTech by the end of 2020, and there’s a lot of hope that this can cut out costs from back office systems, and become truly transformational for the market and the region. In this episode, we take a step back, and, with help from FinTech experts in the field, paint a rich picture of what's happening in Singapore today.

Our guests

Anna Vanessa Haotanto, CEO of The New Savvy; Business Development Director at Tera Capital
Gerben Visser, Co-Founder of Singapore FinTech Consortium
Joe Seunghyun Cho, CEO at LATTICE80; Co-founder and Chairman at Marvelstone Group
Scott Bales, Managing Director at Innovation Labs Asia
Varun Mittal, Associate Director, Asia-Pacific FinTech at EY

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Ep228 - Challenger Banks: The Battle Begins

In this episode

We’ve brought together some of our favourite folks from the world of FinTech challenger banks. In this episode, we talk to Starling, Fidor, and Loot about their business models, who their customers are, and how they’re using technology and data to provide a great customer experience. We also discuss the challenges they’re facing, what agile really means, and what’s coming up for them in 2017. Enjoy the show!

Our guests

Megan Caywood, the Chief Platform Officer at Starling Bank
Sophie Guibaud, the Vice President of European Expansion at Fidor
Ollie Purdue, Founder and CEO at Loot

“We like to spend a lot of time talking with our customers,” Megan says, “not just usability sessions, but chatting with them and understanding how they’re currently using their banking products and where those pain points are. What we hear time and again is that what they’re used to expecting –  seamlessness and ease of use from other apps and products – just isn’t what they see from their bank.”

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Ep225 - Rotten to the Core Banking

In this episode

Technology is failing banking. Bankers know what a great customer experience should look like, but they're often prevented from delivering on that due to ancient legacy systems. And as long as they operate in a cobbled environment with 1,000 subsystems, they will never have a truly digital bank. Meaning they can't compete with the banks that will win in the future. But don't despair. Our guests discuss the steps to take to create a state-of-the-art core banking system that can deliver next-gen solutions.

Our guests

Mark Warrick, Director of Creative & Design at Thought Machine
Ben Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer at Temenos
Conor Fennelly, CEO at Leveris

"The nature of this problem is systemic, it’s not symptomatic," Conor says. "Banks are not afraid to invest in their technology. In fact, they invest massively in technology. The real issue is that it’s not effective spend, and the real problem facing most CEOs or boardrooms in banks is the risk associated with making the move.

"Banks are not monolithic systems, they’re made up of hundreds of subsystems. If you want to make a change in those subsystems, you’ve got to regress your testing through the entire environment. That’s the reason why 80% of your cost is in running the bank, and only 20% can be in change. In fact, it’s probably more exaggerated than that. If you want to make a change, you’ve got to build an architecturally superior system."

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Ep222 - FinTech Out of Africa

In this episode

FinTech isn’t disrupting the financial industry in Africa – it's building it across the continent. And because it's being building without much legacy, by default it's digital as a platform. In this episode of FinTech Insider Insights, we'll shine a light on some great FinTech stories coming out of Africa, including approaches and ideas that incumbent institutions will find incredibly useful.

Our guests

Gerhard Coetzee, Lead Financial Sector Specialist at CGAP
Lesley-Ann Vaughan, M-PESA Co-Creator
Ron Webb, Director of Financial Services at Safaricom
Brett Loubser, CEO at WeChat Africa

"I'm extremely excited by how we’re going to see an increasing daily relevance of payments in people’s lives," Ron says. "P2P transactions have been hugely important, and have been the bedrock of what M-PESA became. But you only send money P2P to your relatives, or people that you’re supporting, on a periodic basis. But you do merchant payments every single day – and many of them – and the increasing use of e-value in those day-to-day payments will increase daily relevance and create even more opportunity."

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Ep216 – The First 5 Steps to Transform Your Bank

Our mantra is digital banking is only 1% finished, and people usually react in two ways to this. Either they believe banking has got miles to go when it comes to tech advancements, or they think digital is merely a way to distribute analogue products. At 11:FS, we believe we’ve got 99% to go, and we’re really excited about the future of banking. But how do we get there? At a recent event in Oulu, Finland, 11:FS CEO David Brear shared the first 5 steps to transform your bank. Watch the video.

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Ep213 – Bank Business Models: The Last Bastion of Innovation

In this episode

Innovation isn’t having an app – it’s having a new business model. Yet for banks, business models are one of the hardest things to innovate around. We discuss what’s broken with traditional bank business models, and how to create new ones, with two people who know best: Tom Blomfield, CEO of Monzo, and Dora Ziambra, Head of Business Development at Azimo.

“For me, and many people in the industry, being a marketplace bank is the future,” Tom says. “It’s a customer interface that acts as a platform for all of your financial problems. So a single interface that gives you access to the Azimos and the Funding Circles and the Transferwises, with a delightful, one-click user experience, but still giving you the benefits of that choice and that customer service. So, sort of, looser recoupling around APIs.”

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Ep210 – Rainmaking Summit: Show Me How to Innovate

In this episode

Liz Lumley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership at Rainmaking, says a woman approached her at one of their events recently and said, “I’m here because I get told all the time: You need to work with startups, and then no one tells me how.” The Rainmaking Summit was designed to give people like her the tools they need to make innovation happen. Straight talk. No bullshit. We sit down with key participants in London to get the lowdown.

“We need to move from ROI to R&D,” says Nektarios Liolios, CEO & Co-Founder, Startupbootcamp FinTech. “R&D implies failure. It implies experimentation, and just keep trying, keep trying until it works, right? Having been in the financial industry for nearly 20 years now, we don’t have that. There is no concept of building product, or doing anything, with an R&D mentality. Whereas any other industry has that.”


  • Liz Lumley, Managing Director of Thought Leadership, Rainmaking @LizLum
  • Will Bentinck, Head of Careers, Makers Academy @isoworg
  • Nektarios Liolios, CEO & Co-Founder, Startupbootcamp FinTech @nekliolios
  • Jennifer Rosen, Founder & CEO of JnR Communications

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Ep207 – PFM: Don’t Call it a Comeback

In this episode

Is PFM dead? Invisible? Or has Personal Financial Management evolved from data-driven piecharts to something more useful?

Joining us for today’s deep dive on PFM and Digital Money Management are:

  • Frankie Woodhead, Director of Commercial & Channels at Barclays @FTWoodhead
  • Victor Trokoudes, Founder of Plum, the first Facebook bot for automated savings @vmtrok
  • Pau Velando, GM at Strands Finance @Pau4ir

“For us, it’s about taking information, and transforming that information to give relevant services at the right time,” Frankie says. “It’s very easy to say, ‘You’ve overdrawn, sorry.’ What we like to do is think a week ahead. Things like Netflix, which is generally a monthly subscription, comes in a certain way. What we’ve tried to do is second-guess if that payment is going to happen. Like, ‘FYI, your Netflix of £9.99 is due to come out in four days.  You might need to think about doing something different about [your spending].”

“The old way to consume PFM was based on charts,” Pau says. “You’ve got the pie chart, you’ve got the bar chart, the trend line telling about how your categories were instead of mixing your expenses. Today, PFM is used to trigger banking processes, to trigger a loan, to trigger a credit card subscription, to trigger a savings goal, to move some money apart.  The system is understanding how you are moving your money and how you are spending it. We’re talking about invisible PFM.  Those mobile banking apps are powered by data.  You don’t necessarily need to see it but it’s there.”

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