In this episode

In the third of our three part Blockchain Special, Simon and Colin are joined by some very special guests to discuss EEA, ZCash and the potential similarities between blockchain and the rise of cryptocurrencies and the dot-com bubble in the 90s, and asks the question: “Why should we be paying attention?”. They also debate the anonymity of blockchain and user privacy; and centralisation vs decentralisation in blockchain APIs – do we still need the middle man?

In the second half they discuss highly topical news stories such as the EU’s pledge to invest in blockchain research and Theresa May’s proposal for greater internet security and access to public data – is she asking for the impossible? 

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  • Jack Gavigan – COO at Z-Cash (The Zerocoin Electric Coin Company)
  • Alex BatlinCo-Founder at Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and Global Head of Emerging Business & Technology and Global Blockchain Lead at BNY Mellon

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