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Ever wondered about the difference between a digital and a digitised financial services? We have.

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Digital is native. Born that way. Not a thin veneer on top of a legacy service, hoping that your customers are not exposed to the weaknesses of systems stretched beyond their original purpose.

Creating digital, not digitised, financial services is hard. That’s why digital banking is only 1% finished.The remaining 99% is harder still.

A significant factor holding all of us back is the capability of existing banking systems. It is apparent that the aspirations and appetites of banks and bankers are great and growing, but these systems cannot deliver against the desire to create intelligent, customer-centric digital services.

A set of capabilities is needed to match the aspirations, but no such system exists. So we’ve built it ourselves: welcome to 11:FS Foundry.

A modular, ledger-first set of components that allow you to build fully digital propositions to scale and at speed, no longer held back by legacy infrastructure and complexity.

  • Purpose-built for the creation of fully digital offerings, the platform accelerates transformation for financial services players and fintechs of all shapes and sizes
  • Faster time to market for personalised digital services and experiences compared to traditional methods and at significantly less development cost.
  • Flexible by design. Cloud-based, modular approach allows clients to deploy an entire banking stack, or select services, depending on
    their appetite or go-to-market strategy.
  • Secure and compliant. A zero trust security model and is built from the ground up to be fully encrypted and GDPR compliant
  • Accelerate service development with a lower total cost of ownership for high quality, digitally native services.

Build the way you need. New digital offerings and complementary services can be migrated over time, or remain standalone with no compromise to efficiency or data architecture integrity.

Why 11:FS Foundry?

Our people, focussed on your business. We’ve assembled a team whose experience of transactional, payments and ledger-based interaction models goes beyond banking, combining best practices and expertise from Nutmeg, Betfair, Klarna, Twitter, Spotify and others, all coming together under the leadership of industry veteran Leda Glyptis.

DNB, Norway’s biggest bank, has invested in 11:FS Foundry as a partner, as well as its first client.

This is the start of something we believe will change the industry for the better, one deployment at a time.

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The 11:FS Foundry Team

Dr Leda Glyptis

Leda is CEO of 11:FS Foundry, and Chief of Staff for 11:FS.

Prior to 11:FS Leda served as Chief Innovation Officer at Qatar National Bank, driving the roll out of new capabilities for the Group, and Head of Innovation at BNY Mellon, setting up a client-facing technology co-creation centre for EMEA.

Leda is a renowned speaker, writer, and academic in the banking and FinTech ecosystem. She is an expert in transformation, financial technology and digital disruption. Focussed on delivery and execution, Leda brings a lifetime of experience in new technologies, digital trends and market-leading strategy to 11:FS Foundry.

Ewan Silver

Ewan is the CTO of 11:FS Foundry. Formerly the CTO of Nutmeg.com and Sporting Index, Ewan has an unparalleled background in digital platforms and technical architecture, having been pivotal in the foundation of both Monzo and Starling.

Ewan is an immensely strong technical leader and executive with a consistent history of leading product and engineering teams who deliver scalable, reliable, cost effective cloud based platforms.

Steve Moffatt

Steve Moffatt is the Head of Commercial for 11:FS Foundry. Steve comes to 11:FS Foundry from Spotify, where he was Head of Payments Commercial Ops. Previously, Steve held Head of Payments roles at Betfair and Paddy Power.

Steve is a commercially-focussed leader in the payments space, an expert in payments legislation and cost optimisation, and has a track record of focussing on growing new business through partnership and collaboration.

11:FS Foundry: Change Your Legacy.

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