Article — Insurance

Celebrating 100 episodes of Insurtech Insider

It feels more than a little bewildering to be reflecting on 100 episodes of Insurtech Insider. In that time, we’ve seen insurtech go from being a concept to an ...

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COVID-19: what the insurance industry needs to do now

In part one of this series I pointed out that things look very, very bad for the insurance industry right now. In this blog post I will explore what might happe...

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Q&A with Urban Jungle: building an insurtech offering

In this Q&A with Jimmy Williams, CEO and co-founder of Urban Jungle we discuss using technology to enhance transparency in home and contents insurance.

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Podcast — Fintech Insider

Fintech Insider USA: Michael Schlein, Accion (S1E3)

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Are Autonomous Vehicles Driving Change for Insurance Models?

Want to know more about insurtech, insurance and the changes within this ripe-for-disruption industry? We have the show for you.

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Article — Business banking

The 11 FinTech and Banking Trends You Need to Follow

The first few weeks of 2017 bombarded us with articles predicting the future of FinTech and financial services. Chris Skinner, our Non-Executive Director at 11:...

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