Article — Payments

Senior people need to understand technology

It's a truism that the hardest job in engineering is that of 'Tech Lead'. You're the person who's not only writing code, but simultaneously leading a small grou...

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My 11 lessons after 5 years as 11:FS CEO

The 5th of April 2021 signified 5 years since we started 11:FS. 5 years since we were all stupid enough to quit well paid jobs to start a business with no capit...

6min read


Are fintechs really here to fix users’ finances?

I’ve worked in fintech for 10+ years now, since before it was a popular term, and long enough to see multiple hype cycles come and go. One of the more enduring...

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Article — Investment management

Why the FS industry needs to grow green fingers, ASAP

Like everyone else locked down here in the UK, I’ve been working my way through Netflix at an unrelenting pace...

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Could the future of banking be baby boomers?

Arguably the biggest story right now is the announcement of Stripe Capital’s new end-to-end lending API for platforms to offer financing options to their SMB cu...

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