Virgin Money 11:FS Pulse

Benchmarking digital financial services

Virgin Money is a UK challenger financial services brand. It offers a range of services from current accounts, credit cards and business banking, through to savings, investments and mortgages. The Virgin Money UX team has used 11:FS Pulse to streamline the discovery and exploration phase of its design process.

The challenge

Virgin Money took an approach of manually looking at user journeys through personal accounts, combined with bespoke research projects and individual insight to drive their UX design process.

The UX team would build out presentations, outlining their plans for improvements and/or new features and functionalities to present back to stakeholders internally for approval.

Using 11:FS Pulse

The team aimed to streamline the discovery and exploration phase of their design process, leading to more efficient delivery of proposal decks for internal stakeholders.

More importantly, 11:FS Pulse would allow the team to communicate their ideas more effectively, through the use of relevant examples as to how things can be improved and how that compares with the competition.

The key business objective of this work was to deliver ongoing improvements in customer satisfaction scores to help achieve the bank’s target of top 3 of the CMA Service Quality Index and deliver an increase in digital adoption rates.

Meaningful results

“Virgin Money aims to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction and in order to do so, we need to drive effective and rapid customer-focused innovation. Pulse has enabled us to better understand the market and take inspiration from best-in-class design, allowing us to work smarter and faster.

Not only this, but as a UX Lead within a large FI, it can be difficult to communicate new ideas without examples and Pulse has made this quicker and easier than ever.”

Stuart Anderson - Head of UX, Digital Solutions at Virgin Money

The early signs indicate an increase in digital adoption rates.

Using 11:FS Pulse as a research tool within the discovery phase helped Virgin Money to quickly understand how a number of competitors solve similar challenges by showcasing what they do as part of the overall research strategy. This has seen the discovery phase time reduce on average by a week along with positive feedback on their research methods.

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