So you know what we do, and you understand why we do it. By now you’re probably thinking, “How do I get to be part of that?”

It’s one thing to hire people with the most skills and experience on paper, but our 11:FS subconscious tells us to find a rare gem with diverse talents. Do you fit that description?

On a rather obvious note, we’re also not psychoanalysts. We don’t know what makes successful companies tick. We’re just a bunch of great people looking for the same kind. It’s as easy as it sounds.

Deep down, you know you’re not here by accident. Scroll down to find your dream career.

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The little things that count, yes?

Free beer, a fab fruit basket, birthday cakes and “Superhero” of the Month brownies are just some of the little things you call perks, but we call it humanising the way 11:FS works. And we have everything with a company logo, yes, [swag] we mean. WE WORK HARD and we treat our PEOPLE the way they should be.

Things that count

Most collaborative team you’ll ever find

We are a bunch of very smart, very vocal, very easy going people who just want to get together on a project and make an impact. You shouldn’t be the kind who would have to often ponder “When will I be able to change things around here?”.

After Dark

What about your personal growth?

Personal growth is key, well at least for us it is! We have set off on a mission to grow and develop 11:FSers who have the ability to drive the company’s competitive advantage and follow up with management development programmes to source and nurture leaders of the future. The program is here to make you a student and teacher at the same time.

Its starts with you

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