Say hello to 11:Money

The first 11:FS Foundry Drop

With Drops we're showing you what’s possible. We’re showing you how a batch of workflows, journeys and intelligent digital services can come together to shape a seamless offering.

Our growing range of drops are pre-configured offerings that you can repurpose, or use for inspiration. It’s our “here’s one we made earlier” to give you a jumping off point.

A springboard into innovation.

What can 11:Money do?

11:Money is a deposit account offering designed to give your company a headstart to extra revenue by adding a store of funds functionality to your product. With the 11:Money drop, your customers will be able to…

Quickly and securely create an account

11:Money delivers the level of onboarding experience that your customers are used to with other digital products, meaning they can set up an account and add funds in minutes.

Make payments and track spending

Customers are able to make online and in-person payments thanks to virtual and physical cards issued by payment providers.

Protect their funds with safeguards

11:Money gives your customers full control of how they can spend their funds by freezing their spending cards or creating blocks on spending types such as gambling.

What’s in 11:Money?

By combining key components, 11:Money becomes an offering that you can plug straight into your product. It’s the set menu to the a la carte. And as with all great recipes, the key is quality ingredients:

Onboarding image


This seamless onboarding journey, with verification checks built in, will give your customers a great experience from the get go.

Card management image

Card management

Balances, transactions details, freezing & unfreezing, it’s all here. Whether you choose physical or virtual cards, it’s ready to plug into your product.

Pre-built neobank workflows image

Pre-built neobank workflows

We’ve built all the finance workflows so you don’t have to. All the ‘if this then that’s’ you need to run a compliant finance product.

Use drops the way you want to

Replicate the offering as is

Our drops are ready to go, so now are you. We bring all the necessary components and suppliers together to shape a finance product, you plug them into your offering and go live. It really is as simple as that.

Configure your own version

Plug in your own providers, take this workflow, leave that one. Shape your own finance product with our pre-built journeys and workflows, and get a head start.

Take inspiration from it

Use our Drops to kickstart new ideas and inspire your team. Now that you know what’s possible, there’s nothing stopping you from adding financial services to your offering.

New drops coming soon

We’re constantly working to create more pre-configured services to help your business unlock its growth potential. Drops coming in the future include:

  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Personal Finance Management
  • Consumer Loans
  • and many more...

Step into fintech

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