Embed finance in weeks, not years.

11:FS Foundry is the Financial Services Operating System that helps your business quickly add fintech to your offering. Grow your revenue by plugging into pre-built finance workflows and digital compliance.

Every company can be a fintech company

Using our embedded finance toolkit, your business can build new propositions at speed and with greater flexibility. Turn your ideas into customer winning experiences, with smart features that build brand love.

Don’t spend time on the finance basics, focus on what makes you special

We’ve built the finance workflows and user journeys so you don’t have to. With 11:FS Foundry, you can focus on making your products game-changing for your customers.

Legacy is a thing of the past

11:FS Foundry is vendor-neutral, so your new and existing suppliers can come along for the ride. Say goodbye to vendor lock-in, and get ready to scale.

Maximum impact and control, minimum effort

11:FS Foundry gives you the springboard to accelerate your business's growth. Configure your product so it attracts new customers and add new features that help you scale.

Endless possibilities dropped straight into your product

With Drops we're showing you what’s possible. We’re showing you how a batch of workflows, journeys and intelligent digital services can come together to shape a seamless offering. Our growing range of drops are pre-configured offerings that you can repurpose, or use for inspiration. It’s our “here’s one we made earlier” to give you a jumping off point. A springboard into innovation.

Drop #1 - 11:Money

A deposit account that lets your customers:

  • Create an account quickly and securely
  • Add funds to the account
  • Make payments in different ways, including cards
  • View balances and transactions, and get notifications

Drop #2 - Coming soon

We are working hard on a series of upcoming drops, including:

  • Buy Now Pay Later
  • Consumer loans
  • Money management

Financial services is our thing.

As an 11:FS company, the team behind Foundry have "been there and done that". 
Our people are passionate fintech business builders, having shaped the likes of Monzo, Starling, Mettle and Mox.

We built Foundry in response to repeatedly hearing about the same issues around speed and complexity. Businesses want to launch new propositions and be free of the legacy constraints that hinder financial services. That made the answer obvious really.

Step into fintech

Want to see Foundry in action? Just drop us a line.