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Your competitors are constantly evolving. Compare your products' features and UX against the best in the business and see how other brands are solving similar customer problems.

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Global UX journeys at your fingertips

11:FS Pulse is home to thousands of user journeys from leading financial brands around the world. See where you stand and learn from the best.

Hassle-free competitor analysis

Forget signing up for hundreds of bank accounts and putting your credit score at risk. We source journeys directly from account holders.

Real experiences from active customers

Pulse journeys show you a range of well-used features and how real people use them every day.

Look beyond your local market

Learn how global brands are shaping the industry, with thousands of up to date user journeys from around the world.

Show your teams what's possible

Convince your colleagues that there's a better way of doing things with detailed examples of how brands have already overcome the same challenges you're facing.

Focus on what makes you different

Understand how other brands are tackling standard functionalities, so you can get back to playing to your strengths instead of sweating the small stuff.

We go global so you can too

Take inspiration from leading local and global brands. Casting your net a little wider could help you unlock ideas you never thought possible.

4000+ Fintech journeys

Our international panel of users provide us with hundreds of journey recordings every month. We are constantly adding new journeys and refreshing existing ones when there are significant updates.

500+ Brands

We gather user journeys from financial services brands big and small, and as finance becomes more embedded in our everday lives, we’ll continue to capture those non-FS experiences too.

50+ Countries covered

We gather user journeys from financial services brands big and small, and as finance becomes more embedded in our everday lives, we’ll continue to capture those non-FS experiences too.


11:FS Pulse combines a range of clever features to help you uncover all the insights and inspiration you need to take your product to the next level.

Real user journey recordings

See exactly what users see and how they navigate different products day to day. Our recordings capture all the UX flourishes that screenshots just don't do justice.

Downloadable screenshots

We take screenshots at key steps in each journey to give you a snapshot of the most relevant parts. Drop them into a presentation or use them to liven up a moodboard - they're yours to keep.

Expert journey analysis

Our team are experts when it comes to UX in financial services. They analyse each journey in detail and give it a utility and usability rating to give you a sense of product quality.

11:FS Pulse has been an essential part of the work we have done to relaunch the Atom Bank app.

Michael Sherwood

Head of Digital Experience, Atom Bank

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11:FS Pulse for teams

Whether you work in design, research or product, 11:FS Pulse can help you solve the problems your team is facing, from cutting acquisition costs to building better customer relationships.


Take design inspiration from the leading financial services brands and see what the gold-standard is for similar journeys you're creating.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest features and products hitting the market to get a better idea of how your products compare.

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Product & Strategy

See how other brands are addressing complex technical and regulatory challenges based on the experience they give to their users.

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