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Keep on top of the latest market trends with our dynamic and continuously refreshed competitor analysis. Our rich database has user journey videos from leading fintech and financial services companies as well as best in class examples from other industries across the globe.

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See how the most innovative companies solve the same problems you’re facing. Learn how to lower your cost of customer acquisition, increase retention, develop better relationships with your users – and more.

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Our research team will analyse the latest trends with curated video playlists and news delivered straight to your inbox. Each user journey comes with analysis of the best and worst points, giving you all the insight you need to make the right decisions.

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There’s more pressure than ever for innovation in the marketplace. Your customers want user-centric apps. They want services built with their experience in mind. And they want it yesterday. Pulse gives you the clarity to get things done quickly.

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Pulse is all about getting the insights you need – fast. But we also have the reports and white papers for those times you need extra detail and in-depth analysis. Our latest industry-leading reports are available only to Pulse subscribers.

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Insight reports

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