Atom Bank 11:FS Pulse

Creating a customer-centric app

Atom Bank has ambitions to become the most customer centric bank of the planet - this is one of their core business goals. 11:FS Pulse has been an essential tool in helping them realise this.

The challenge

Prior to using 11:FS Pulse:

  • It was almost impossible to see what best in class looked like across global markets.

  • Atom Bank had to spend a lot of effort trying to gain an insight into how to address specific customer problems.

  • Where they could find good examples, they would have to screen record and print screens off, which was extremely time consuming.

11:FS Pulse has been an essential part of the work we have done to relaunch the Atom Bank app. Pulse played a key role informing the UX & visual design team in terms of their understanding of what best in class looks like, on a global basis.

Michael Sherwood

Head of Digital Experience, Atom Bank

Using 11:FS Pulse

  • 11:FS Pulse was used throughout the design process of the new Atom Bank app.

  • Atom Bank used 11:FS Pulse to access unique insights, allowing them to benchmark themselves against best in class across a global market.

  • Using 11:FS Pulse alongside a user testing platform allowed them to deliver better solutions, quicker.

The team took the insights from Pulse, and used them to develop an app our customers love. Our overall app store ratings across iOS and Google Play combined have soared since launching app 2.0 in December 2019, increasing from an average star rating of 3.7 to 4.8.

Michael Sherwood

Head of Digital Experience, Atom Bank

Meaningful results

  • For version 2.0 of their app, 11:FS Pulse enabled Atom Bank to repurpose best-in-class customer experiences, test them with customers and ultimately inform the complete redesign of a best in class app.

  • Average ratings on the new Atom Bank app is 4.8 on iOS and 4.9 on Android (up from 3.7 for the old app).

  • Atom’s other customer measures have also improved in conjunction with the launch of the new app.

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