Growth in financial services requires planning for the longterm while having sight of what is coming three to five years down the line.

Getting buy-in to invest in and work with promising startups not ready for enterprise deployment can be difficult.

Fund investment is a strategy that grows the financial services suppliers of the future, while putting you on the leading edge of what is happening in FinTech and InsurTech.


  • Research portal for banks
  • Identifying things you don't see
  • Database of start-up capabilities
  • Met / Qualified 1000s of start-ups
  • Filtered based on SME knowledge
  • Database of start-up capabilities

Invert & Learn

  • Direct investments
  • Education for LPs
  • Partnerships available
  • FinTech SME led deal flow
  • Business case and tech DD
  • Network of FIs as customers

Build & Do

  • Building banks
  • PSD2 and API implmentation
  • Blockchain strategy and live delivery
  • Knowledge of good / bad use cases from prior experience
  • Experience delivering inside banks

11:FS is the world’s first full stack research, consulting, investment, and execution partner. This allows us to create unique value, growing and leveraging a new generation of vendors for incumbents and new entrants alike. Our culture is people first – we believe great people create great things.

Our value to you

Digital banking is only 1% finished – together, we’ll deliver the next 99%. As an investor in 11:FS Ventures, you’ll have access to the world’s best research and consulting services. You’ll learn from and support the startups that will help you develop the best next-gen products and services. And your capital will be allocated towards key areas that will influence the future of financial services growth.

Put simply, our fund offers you a brilliant way to invest in services to help you become truly digital, and sharing the growth in doing so.

Our unique value for limited partners

As a Limited Partner of 11:FS Ventures you will get first class access to knowledge flow from FinTech and InsurTech through:

  • Invites to quarterly investor events with portfolio companies
  • 100 hours of consulting or bespoke research per year
  • Access to 11:FS Pulse, our competitor insights research platform
  • 11:FS management briefing packs

How we invest

We are founder focused, looking for great teams that solve problems while performing brilliantly. Investing primarily in European and APAC-based companies, we target leading late seed rounds and early A rounds (with some reserve for later participation) and a first close at $50m.

  • We’re currently working with FinTech companies to build and support truly digital experiences that are mobile first, mobile only, and cloud native for Tier 1 banks and retailers.
  • We have a track record of providing startups with management team support, and have access to senior decision makers across financial institutions.
  • We understand the problems financial institutions face – we’re working to change them every day.

9 key areas

The world has shifted from ‘FinTech will eat banks’ to ‘FinTech will help banks digitally transform.’ We’re growing a new vendor and supplier base for financial institutions, and capturing the value of that growth for investors.

Key areas in which banks can’t specialise and need support include:


The ultimate arms race. The agility and expertise of special forces – rather than an army – is needed to keep pace.


Many have tried and many are doing identity wrong – current biometric solutions can be hacked. Sophisticated, mature solutions in this space should be targeted.

Fraud prevention

Like cybersecurity, fraud prevention is an area in which startups offer a big advantage. Separating buzzwords from products that deliver is where to focus.


Regulation Technology has the potential to dramatically reduce costs and improve control for financial institutions. It’s an early area with many unable to articulate its potential value.


Insurance has become a hot area for start-up activity. The P2PiInsurance and real-time insurance space can be disruptive but can also be new products for insurers.

Machine learning

Perhaps the ultimate buzzword, Applied Machine Learning is a question of quality rather than scale. Creativity comes from the edges, repackaging major breakthroughs such as Tensorflow.


Blockchain has moved out of the lab and into reality. It may be less ‘sexy,’ but now is the time to capitalise on the business case.

Business banking

Business banking investment is still early with significant frustration in the customer base and ample room for improvement.

Capital markets

Often overlooked in FinTech discussions, former bankers are leaving big banks to build the suppliers of tomorrow.

Who we are

Simon Taylor

Simon is Co-Founder and Blockchain Lead at 11:FS. Previously at Barclays, he established the bank as one of the leaders in blockchain thought and action. Simon also serves as an advisor to central banks and governments, in addition to consulting the top 20 banks on blockchain. He's helped a variety of startups flourish through the Barclays Accelerator.

Chris Skinner

Chris is a Partner in the 11:FS consulting business and investment fund. He's also the best selling author of Digital Bank and Value Web. A regular commentator on BBC News, Sky News, and Bloomberg, Chris is one of the most sought-after speakers in the banking world.

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