The risk of fintech blanding

In a landscape where it’s so easy for people to switch between digital products and services, brands are having to work harder to get into the customer’s mind, ...

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In defence of virtue signalling

Whether it’s due to the pandemic or not, we've seen a much greater focus on ethical products and services in the fintech market this year.

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Article — Payments

How Apple is leading the charge for brands embedding finance

The financial services pie is looking increasingly appealing, and it’s not just fintechs and digital banks who want a slice...

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Article — Business banking

Jobs to be Done: How to help US SMBs keep their personal assets separate from their business finances

This is the third instalment of a 6 part series that explores the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) for US SMBs that we identified in our recent research. Each blog post e...

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Episode 74

Podcast — Insurtech Insider

Digital transformation - Managing the hybrid

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