Product Management

Article — Business banking

Why we decided to build an operating system

Up until recently, if you wanted to launch a financial product, you either had to work directly with the deep financial infrastructure yourself or use a core ba...

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Want to build better customer solutions? Ask better questions

Asking the wrong questions will only ever lead to the wrong solutions. That’s why we lean into Jobs to be Done at 11:FS. It’s based on the notion that there’s n...

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Privacy and security are not optional in MVPs

Software has been around for some time, but it was the explosion of mobile phones that changed the dynamic and timeline of building new products. In Europe alon...

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Report — Insurance

The dark side of UX in insurance

Who knew design could get so dark? And no, we are not talking about dark mode.

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Article — Payments

Pulse design process: Optimising for content discoverability

Take a peek behind the scenes of 11:FS Pulse. Keep reading to learn about the process 11:FS designers use to keep the Pulse product relevant, user friendly and ...

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Article — Business banking

Tech debt in banking, how did we get here?

The term ‘technical debt’ has been around a long time in software engineering. It shares some common characteristics with financial debt: You can accumulate it,...

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Minimum Loveable Brand

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