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Article — Retail banking

After a bumper year, what's next in the savings and investment market?

Over the course of the pandemic the UK's financial habits have changed, which is no surprise when you see how people's circumstances have been impacted:

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How brands can evolve for the new financial services landscape

Leveraging consumer trust is an important tool for all brands. Businesses are starting to take note and realising that in today’s all encompassing landscape, on...

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How to create a culturally driven brand

This December 2020 cover of The New Yorker has been praised for perfectly capturing the zeitgeist of the time. Of the completely bizarre year we didn’t see comi...

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Article — Payments

The problem with payments

"Mastercard to push up fees for UK purchases from EU" was the headline we all wanted to see last month amid lockdowns, vaccine shortages and Brexit debacles.

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Why are financial services brands fundamentally irrelevant for the most important moments in our lives?

Financial services brands are still fundamentally irrelevant for many of the most important moments of our life. But why is this?

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Video — Retail banking

11:FS Explores: Digital R.I.C.H.E.S ft. David Brear

11:FS CEO David Brear takes to the lightboard to give us the full run-down, with examples of companies that are leading the way.

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