My 11 lessons after 5 years as 11:FS CEO

The 5th of April 2021 signified 5 years since we started 11:FS. 5 years since we were all stupid enough to quit well paid jobs to start a business with no capit...

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Minimum Loveable Brand

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Becoming truly digital requires organisational culture change - here’s how to do it

Nearly a year ago now (how time flies during a global pandemic) we wrote that there’s never been a more important time to be truly digital. Little did we know t...

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Crafting impactful design principles

Throughout history, humans have found direction from statements of intent that suggest 'better' ways of living.

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Article — Business banking

Jobs to be Done: How to help US SMBs keep their personal assets separate from their business finances

This is the third instalment of a 6 part series that explores the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) for US SMBs that we identified in our recent research. Each blog post e...

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My productivity hack: self-reflection and setting priorities

With remote working now the norm for most of us, the need to prioritise is more important than ever.

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