Banking as a Service: reimagining financial services with modular banking

Our latest report is a simple, no BS explanation of the complex ecosystem around Banking as a Service

What is Banking as a Service?

Banking as a Service (BaaS) is the provision of complete banking processes, such as loans, payments or deposit accounts, as a service using an existing licensed bank's secure and regulated infrastructure with modern API-driven platforms.

BaaS moves banking from a set menu to à la carte

Historically, banks have owned all elements of their offerings. But BaaS allows for a more modular approach where suppliers can specialise in elements of the banking stack, so brands can pick and choose providers to create financial services offerings. This report gives you a comprehensive view of the landscape and where your business could play a role.

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Creating opportunities

The mixing-and-matching of banking services creates a huge area of possibilities for all involved.


Can create more revenue streams and customer value by offering financial services, even when they don’t hold a banking licence.


There’s now a gap in the market for fintechs to provide specialised services as part of the banking stack by either building a new business or leveraging existing capabilities.

Licence holders

Banks and those who hold banking licences can now welcome new revenue streams through lending the use of their licence to providers, and ultimately brands.

Banking as a Service is only 1% finished

Understand the opportunities for your business

Download our report to gain a comprehensive understanding of what BaaS is, the landscape and its potential impact on the industry. Understand what this could mean for your business so you can plan for the future.

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